Monday, 1 June 2015

Is the dynastic politics good for Indian polity?


Since the time we got independence, our country has seen the dynastic rules in various forms. Some of them have remained beneficial whereas some others have done well to improve the final situation of their families. This is the reason why some people think this change as a bane to the society. Many may even say that the dynastic politics in the states has ruined them financially due to the various instances of nepotism and one-sided assistance.

dynastic politics

Historic Perspective

If we look back in the history, the dynasty rules have come and gone. In the pre-independent  India,  people had been exposed to the dynastic rules. Many erstwhile princely states had made rapid strides in development under the powerful leadership of Maharajas. The people coming from the royal family were considered as the astute statesmen who handled various issues with care. By and large, the subjects of these erstwhile princely states were happy with the progress their society had made under these astute rulers. People expected the similar trend to follow even in the independent India. That is why people who had experience in leading people and understanding their problems given opportunity to lead them from the front. It seems the benefits and powers that they receive along with the position has slowly alienated them from the common people. Moreover, such people wanted the position, power, and benefits or perks that they get also be with them even after they retire. That was how they brought their children to the corridors of power by fooling the common mass to submission.

nehru-gandhi family

Modern Dynastic Rule

Nowadays, everyone entering into the field of politics with a business mindset. The modern politicians want the position they get remunerated on one parameter or other. In the older days, the leaders did not think in those lines. The modern leaders use this as lucrative jobs that fetch them handsome dividends.  The politicians have joined ranks to ensure that they continuously get all the benefits. They want to get those benefits passed to their siblings in their old age so that reins remain with them even when they are away from the corridors of power. The new generation that has set its foot in the corridors of power has become more money minded and less concerned about the people that had sent them there.  They grasp every instant that comes in their way to monetize on various schemes. This is the reason why we have many scams that hit the headlines in the recent past. For instance, we had CWG scam, Adarsh Housing Society Scam. Kargil Coffin scam.

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Effect of Dynastic Politics in Society

Due to the growing separation between the leaders from the grass-root level workers of the party, the decisions made its high command don't have any bearing on the happenings in the society. Even if there is some interference from the party leaders, the issues would be weighed on the money that changed hands at the time of execution or resolution. The classical example is that of Indian National Congress that received the worst electoral defeat in the 2014 general elections. Despite taking up various welfare schemes, not even one reached the intended parties at the ground level due to the presence of Congress leaders as intermediaries. They volunteered and siphoned off money allocated for the schemes to meet their private ends. People have understood their sinister designs. Hence, they voted for a different party this time.
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