Sunday, 7 June 2015

A Good Samaritan Saves the Life of a 7-year-old Girl


The 7-year-old Priya Shah is a bright student in her schools and teachers were looking forward to her passing out from school with flying colours. However, the wings of hope to succeed in life got clamped by the diagnosis of a rare disease condition called Thalassemia. Her failing health forced her to remain in bed and drop out from school. The doctors diagnosed that the young Priya is waging a losing battle unless she goes for stem cell transplantation. Despite the will of her family members to donate their stem cells to her, none of them could come to her rescue as their stem cells did not match hers.  Suddenly a man from a far off land came to her rescue with his stem cells. He is not known to her at all.

thalassemia patient

Good Samaritan Descends as Knight

The story of a bright student waging a losing war on Thalassemia was posted on the net after the doctors treating her could not find a suitable match for the donation of stem cells from her family. In the meanwhile, they thoroughly scanned the database of donors to find a suitable match for her blood group. The story of the 7-year-old Priya Shah was read by a Good Samaritan working in Dubai. His name is Gopal Vachhani from Ahmadabad. This stranger has become this young girl’s knight in shining armour. He took pains to come down to India to provide the stem cells for allogeneic-matched unrelated donor transplant. The family of Priya thinks that Mr. Vachchani is a God-sent messenger for her and he has brought her back to life from the jaws of death. However, the donor Vachhani is yet to meet Priya as there is a rule disallowing their meeting for at least a year. Despite of this, their bonds of friendship through stem cells has already been forged.

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What Makes this Gesture Stand Apart?

The doctors who treated young Priya have confided that a donor rarely goes to a large extent to honour his commitment. They added that most of the time the matched and registered prospective donors back out in the last minute, leaving the critically ill patients to fend for themselves. This guy working in the Gulf took pains to come down to India so that he could donate the stem cells from his bone marrow to her ailing body in time. On making contact, the Gopal Vacchani expressed his desire to do the noble job. He said that he wanted to save a life from getting snuffed out very early in life.

DATRI Stem Cell Donor Registry

This donor-recipient interaction is facilitated by DATRI Stem Cell Donor Registry, which keeps a comprehensive database for such cases. The organization claims that it has completed the 100th unrelated blood stem cell donation so far. Its co-founder Raghu Rajagopal says that our country has just 1 lakh stem cell donors registered. Globally, this number is very high and it stands at 20 million at present. At present, there is a long queue for donors in India. In reality, the organization is trying to find a donor for over 1000 patients.
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