Sunday, 14 June 2015

Corruption in Education System


Increasingly more people are going to places where they can buy degrees without putting any effort. They don’t have to slog hard or pay the examination fee to get the marks. If they pay adequate amount, they would be given good marks and certificates.  Many people get lured into this trap. You cannot be expected to get trained when you get a particular degree. To get proper training one need to have enough patience to sit and learn from the mouth of the experts. Such people can easily be found when few questions are posed against them.

education system

Current Education System

Like any other form of human activity, this noble profession has been largely toned down over the years. Children require the presence of those faculty members who are very liberal in evaluation. Such teachers or professors don’t look at the points. Instead, they look at other things to remain afloat in the business. The government of the day liberally give no objection certificates to people near the corridors of power for opening new professional and non-professional colleges. The authorities don’t even look at the resources mobilized by the applicants to start a college. This is the reason why the quality of teaching has come down steadily over the years. To run such educational institutions, the government has devised a newer methodology. These universities have been armed with a rule that allows them to start off-campus premises. The classes are conducted at the franchisee positions with the help of their faculties. Only the administrative works continue at the premises of educational institutions or Universities.   These bogus educational institutions rely on the outstation candidates for running the show.

corruption in education

Fake Degrees on Sale

The bogus educational organizations charge the prospective candidates for the package rolled out to them. In these packages, the students are given mark sheets, degree certificates, migration certificates, etc. to help the students look for the courses of their choices. Most probably, the examination roll numbers cited in these certificates are bogus ones. These numbers are designed in such a manner that they a have strong resemblance to the genuine ones. In other cases, there are outside agencies that arrange for the counterfeit certificates at higher costs. All the aspects of certificate making would be looked at while dolling out the artificial certificate.

degrees for sale

Filter Black Moles From Crowd

Many people have fallen prey to these anti-social elements. Many leaders and other influential people might have fallen prey to that. The AAP leader is one tip of the rotten ice that has come to the surface. There are others who are still making use of these certificates without getting caught. The people seeking such short cuts need to be brought to justice and uphold the real purpose of education. Unless the political will is there to implement the existing laws, these offences are certain to continue, putting our educational system to the shame.