Wednesday, 17 June 2015

More Blatant Cases of Food Adulteration Reported


The food quality ombudsman of the northern state of Uttar Pradesh (UP) Food and Drug Administration (UP FDA) is reported to have found detergent in one of the samples drawn from Mother Diary’s milk packets. However, the company, which is in the dock, has sought to contest this claim that has come in a section of the media. After this expose, the Delhi-based brand has gone on record categorically denying the adulteration milk distributed in pouches.

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Another Case of Food Adulteration

If the media reports coming out of a section of the media have to be believed, the UP FDA has found detergent in the one of the two samples of milk produced and packaged by Mother Diary, which is one of the reputed brands in North India providing milk to a large section of people. This was shared to the media by one Ram Naresh Yadav, who is an official working with the UP FDA in Agra.  While sharing the test results with the media, he showed the facts come out of the results show the milk provided by the reputed brand was of substandard quality.

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Test Results on Samples

On getting certain complaints from the customers, the UP FDA visited the Mother Diary’s milk collection centres in Bah and picked up some random samples for ascertaining their quality in November 2014. The drawn samples were first sent to Lucknow-based laboratory for finding the presence of detergent in them. The results were inconclusive. Hence, the same samples were later sent to a more equipped Kolkata –based laboratory for the detailed testing.  This information was shared by the UP FDA official work in its Agra branch. Moreover, the results from the Lucknow laboratory were contested by the company, necessitating the detailed analysis by an independent laboratory.

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Mother Diary’s Response

Mother Diary chose to dismiss the claim by the UP state through its public relations exercise. Its head of Milk, Fruits and Vegetables sought to confront the claim by UP FDA by stating that the products from the company undergo four levels of thorough testing at various levels. He further added that the quality check is enforced by the company at input, processing, dispatches and market levels to ensure the edibility of the products. Apart from these, the milk reaching the company premises is subjected to a series of 23 stringent quality checks to note down anomalies or contamination in the sample, if any, he quipped. On the basis of these tests, the contaminated milk is filtered from the supply line without any further notice, he claimed.  He assured the media that these stringent quality tests undertaken at the company premises are designed to find the adulteration of milk with water, oil, urea, detergent, etc. In short, the company spokesperson claimed that it follows 100% testing protocol to remain fool proof.

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