Friday, 19 June 2015

Relevance of Reading Group in Your Neighbourhood


In olden times, children and adults used to go to the park or a reading centre for a better interaction with peers. By doing this way, people used to get the information from around the world and ascertained the views of the peers. It is a different story whether those analytical views are relevant or not. This gave a feeling and warmth of a closely knit group.  With the rapid industrialization, people have no time to spare to meet others. Every second counts in terms of money. In whatever little time they have at their disposal, they want to earn as much money as possible before settling into a decent position in the chosen industry.  Slowly people are forgetting that there used to be a custom wherein people visited nearby reading centre or park to have decent discussions.

reading park

Local Reading Clubs

Some communities have understood the importance of keeping in touch. That is the reason people have started encouraging youngsters and children to form reading groups by pooling the resources so that everybody gains from that exercise. Some youngsters have even gone a step further and started local reading clubs and procure journals, newspapers and other reading materials for the benefit of the community.  In order to pull the wards away from their mobiles or television programs, the modern-day parents also encourage the reading habit and force them to visit one of these centres in their neighbourhood. The clubs organize the events in such a manner that the theme of reading is portrayed to the impressionable minds. Some clubs have even invited the literary personalities of the state to address their younger members. These clubs are now making a big impact in different parts of Kerala. Such clubs are called “Vayana Kootam”.

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Reading Clubs Get Sponsorship

Sensing the opportunities, the famous publishing houses have decided to support such local initiatives and provide them with materials so that their story books and comics would be read by the young members of the reading club. For instance, Mathrubhumi and Manorama Groups in Kerala have started providing the materials for the young readers to enjoy the fruits of knowledge through reading habits. Almost on the continuous basis, the theme of reaping knowledge from the exercise of reading is showcased through various events. Even the publishing houses bring in the leaders in the literary field to interact with young people and motivate them to start reading. Recently, in a remote hamlet in the capital city of Kerala, the surviving grandfather of Malayalam literature Prof. ONV Kurup was invited to give insights into his literary journey. He shared with the youngsters the information about his findings that guided him to become an avid reader of literature.

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