Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Relevance of World Ocean Day

People have celebrated or just come to know about the World Oceans Day on June 8, 2015. This day is celebrated worldwide to remind the mankind of keeping the surroundings clean and healthy. This celebration is more significant than any time before. With the advent of industrialization, the water bodies around the industrialization have become polluted due to the release of the sludge and other industrial wastes into them. The contaminated water then proceeds to the sea and affects the marine ecosystem there.  This is the reason why the ocean systems are slowly changing for worse with the progress of time. The eatables from the sea are slowly getting confined to certain regions due to the rampant pollution of sea shores and deltas from industrial wastes.

world oceans day

Receding Marine Ecosystems in Sea

If we visit a nearby beach, we would come across the wastes that have been dumped there. People take the shelter of darkness and come to dump the domestic wastes in the sea. Some wastes go into the sea and some others are pushed back to the shores by the lashing waves. This is how the wastes lie littered on the sea shore. I have just shown a classical example for the reader. Even people coming for a visit to the beach leave behind the plastic wastes on the sea shore. Some may end up finally in the sea. All these wastes would be affecting the flora and fauna living in the marine ecosystem nearer to the shore. This is the reason why the ecosystem in the sea near the shore is thinly or scarcely populated. In earlier times, people do not have to go into the deep sea to catch fish and other marine animals. Now-a-days, the fishermen have to invariably travel deep into the sea to catch the significant varieties of fishes and other waterborne living beings dwelling there. If the living beings move away from the sea shore, it is a good indicator that the coastal waters are getting heavily polluted due to the dumping of wastes by people.

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Studies on Marine Ecosystems

The receding ecosystems in the sea have already started ringing alarm bells in the minds of the conservationists. They have studied in detail the effects of wastes on marine ecosystems. After the studies, they have come to the conclusion that the coastal waters have become inhospitable for the living beings. They have even found that people swim in shallow waters develop allergic reactions on their skin due to water contamination. The dissolved pollutants in sea water might even travel inside the body through the nose and mouth causing other allergic reactions inside the body.

marine ecosystem

World Oceans Day

Against this dim scenario, the United Nations has decided to celebrate a day every year as World Oceans Day. After consulting with the member nations, it was decided to celebrate June 8 as World Ocean Day every year. On this day, people conduct classes and workshops to let the general public know about the need of keeping the coastal waters and sea shore clean for better tomorrow. The educational institutions world over on this day move out in the public domain and do the campaigning using flex boards, fliers to appraise the general public of the impending danger of starvation to death if things are not controlled and issues regarding the contamination of the sea are not resolved. Even the local governing bodies across the world join hands with people doing the campaign to raise the awareness of keeping the coastal waters clean and pristine for better tomorrow. With the help of UN body and the local NGOs, the classes are conducted for people living in coastal areas. These classes are taken by the research professionals drawn from reputed government institutions. They give out the results through the discussions and tell people to remain careful while dealing with the sea.

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