Friday, 19 June 2015

SoftBank Teams Up With Other Companies to Sell Humanoid Robot Pepper Worldwide


On June 19, 2015, the Japanese electronics major SoftBank Corp announced its partnership with Chinese online shopping giant Alibaba and electronics supplier Foxconn Technologies to jointly market humanoid robot Pepper across the world. Subsequent to its launch, it is being used in Japan as a babysitter, party companions or medical worker. Outside Japan, it is going to be given to the overseas customers from June 20, 2015.  Each of these Roberts is going to hit the shelves in the online retail market with a price tag of 198000 yen or $1610.54. The conglomerate currently handles mobile phone and Interest business in the region. Through this business, the conglomerate wants to become a number one company in the robotics field and shore up the advantages of the early bird in this business.

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Launching of Worldwide Sale of Robot Pepper

The robot maker SoftBank has teamed up with the online shopping company Alibaba and electronic supplier Foxconn Technologies to sell its new humanoid product Pepper in the worldwide market. The joint venture has chosen to charge monthly and insurance fees apart from the cost. Excluding the other bills, it is going to cost somewhere in the range of 198000 yen. Currently, the robot Pepper is being manufactured at the facility owned by Foxconn Technologies in Japan. The Japanese conglomerate envisions their robot to serve in various capacities in various situations. However, the sales on the large scale require a large backup.  That is the reason why three companies across various verticals have come together and raise the corpus to fund the marketing and sales of these humanoid robots. About 60% of the corpus would be given by SoftBank and rest 40% is equally shared by other two partner companies. Foxconn Technologies and Alibaba are investing 14.5 billion yen or $117.94 million each to raise the amount.

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Important Features of Robot Pepper

It is a wait-high robot with a human-like appeal. It is designed to quickly learn and express human feelings and interact with them accordingly. It tries to use the natural language to interact with the human handlers. It even makes the right guess when it sees the emotions of people with whom it interacts. For this purpose, the robot follows an advanced algorithm that lets the robot to understand the emotion and the mental state of the people before it. Currently, it is being used at the mobile phone shops owned by the company SoftBank.

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