Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Why Political Parties Increasingly Choose People with Criminal Records?


With each general election, the number of politicians with criminal records entering into the corridors of power has been increasing steadily. This alarming situation is mainly due to the open patronage by all political parties. These parties somehow want the number in the Parliament and State Legislative Council or Assembly.  These people know how to get the people vote for them and the parties they owe their affiliation to. The ordinary electorate does not want to interfere in the choice of the candidates. They are ready to vote for whichever candidate the parties choose in the run up to the general elections to the Parliament and the State Assembly.

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Political Parties Run After People with Power

In the race for getting the maximum number of seats, the political parties only look for the ability of the prospective candidates to woo the audience. The common man either endorses the work of the candidate or gets coerced to vote for a particular party or candidate. Either way, he ends up voting for a particular party or individual. If we look at the election scenario currently prevalent in the country, we can be sure that people with less development record are getting selected due to the money and muscle power. Using these two add-ons, the electorates are made to vote for a particular party. Most often people with criminal records have both of these add-ons. Hence, the political parties don’t have to worry about the expenses that need to be met while doing the campaigning in a general election.
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Traditional Vote Bank

The traditional voter base of the political parties has been voting for whichever candidate their political parties field for the elections.  That is why political parties have become emboldened in their moves. The parties rely on these people while selecting the candidates. Without thinking over the real profile of the candidates chosen, people constituting the vote bank of parties cast their votes. Mostly, people constituting the traditional vote bank blindly believe in whatever the leaders of the political parties say. It looks as if people have lost their ability to think rationally.  They love to become the pawns at the hands of the political gamblers and opportunists. The leaders of political parties play with their vote bank to extract some mileage post election.

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Way Forward

The electorates need to assert themselves and try to read about the work history of the candidates chosen by the political parties. They should make the political parties think about people while selecting the candidates. If they start exerting themselves, the political parties start towing their lines in tune with that. This way also would help stop the family-oriented politicking. Whoever is chosen by the political parties, his or her work has to be looked at before casting the vote. This realization has started percolating in the minds of people slowly. Only this way, the political parties start listening to people. All these years, people have been listening to what the political party leaders used to say and vote for whoever they had endorsed.

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