Sunday, 19 July 2015

5 Home Remedies for PCOS Available in Kitchen


Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is becoming quite common now-a-days due to a variety of factors. Some factors are genetic, environmental, food habits, occupation, etc. to name a few. That is the reason why growing number of women are turning to medication to bring some normality to their lives. Apart from medications, they are also trying to make some lifestyle changes and add the exercise regimen to mitigate the effect due to PCOS. After having said that, how many of the ladies know that there are home remedies that can keep under control this disease condition for many years? This is a hundred dollar question the ladies should ask themselves. When there is a homemade treatment, why should they go for English medicines that have a number of side effects after a long use?

PCOS factors

Home Remedies

Many of the provisions that we normally use for the daily cooking have also got the medicinal properties. For example, turmeric powder, coriander, pepper, etc. have been shown to have medicinal properties in latest medical studies. Even our grandmothers used to make quick home remedies with locally available materials for small ailments. That was the beauty of the joint family. Not many people in olden times depended on the English medicine until it is absolutely necessary. Thinking in similar veins, there are home remedies for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. In this blog, we would be having a look at the home remedies available kitchen to combat this medical condition.

PCOS diets

  • Fenugreek: In Indian condition, it is called as Methi seed. People with PCOS have their insulin underutilized. This results in the increased production of testosterone and associated changes in the body, including obesity. The studies have found that eating soaked fenugreek helps to maintain normal levels of insulin in the body and burns excess glucose. This in turn reduces the concentration of testosterone.


  • Cinnamon:  This is a proven cure for the type 2 diabetes. It reduces the insulin resistance and stabilises the concentration of glucose in the blood. It also increases the chance of conceiving when eaten along with other food items such as yoghurts, milkshakes, tea, etc. It also has zero calories.


  • Flax Seeds: They are rich sources of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, and fibres. In addition, they have large amounts of lignans and proteins. These ingredients together can combat the body’s ability to boost testosterone synthesis. The seed has the ability to reduce the side effects of PCOS and utilize the insulin and glucose in the body. They can be powdered and mixed with water or milk before consumption.

    flax seeds

  •  Tulsi: It can control the androgens and moderate the insulin levels in the body. Due to lack of ovulation, the androgenic hormones are not properly utilized in case of polycystic ovary syndrome.  It is also an excellent antioxidant. For optimal response, the women are supposed to chew 10 leaves of tulsi in the empty stomach.


  • Honey:  The obesity and PCOS are interrelated. In fact, PCOS upsets the hormonal control of the body, which in turn leads to obesity. People with this medical condition need to take precautionary steps in order to avoid other medical problems such as arthritis and heart ailments. This natural product reduces hunger pangs and keeps the stomach full for period of time. Having honey laced with lemon juice made of warm water in the empty stomach would help the ladies reduce the body weight.


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