Sunday, 12 July 2015

5 Outstanding Made in India Technology Products


India has been a treasure house of talent. This can be easily understood if we look at the glorious past we had during medieval times. When westerners were looking for the clue to solve scientific problems, our illustrious ancestors had solutions in their mind. However, these solutions were not properly documented or got embroiled in controversies. When the time passed on, these solutions were rediscovered by our western counterparts and they applied for the patents. This has happened in case of many proprietary medicines derived from herbs. The current ruling dispensation under Narendra Modi has understood the need for giving fillip to the local brains so that they come out with outstanding products and technologies for the welfare of the community as a whole. In light of the new initiatives by the central government, let us look at the some of the outstanding Indian technology-based products we have come across. These products have made us proud internationally. In this article, let us look at some of the outstanding technology products that Indians have developed indigenous products.

1.       Artificial Heart Valves: These were developed as spin off of the material research for the development of low weight materials for Indian space satellites. It was developed in Trivandrum-based Sri Chitra Thirunal Institute of Science and Technologies.

2.        Artificial Limbs: Traditionally, the artificial limbs have to be imported from foreign countries. Moreover, using them was a nightmare. Couple of years back, some Indian entities have started making tailor-made artificial limbs for Indian conditions. These have provided much needed relief for the differently-abled people.

3.       Natural Mosquito Repellents: Some of the CSIR-based research institutes have developed herb-based natural repellents. They have already started marketing them. Just Spray, Just Out are some of the classical examples of insect repellents brought out by these research agencies.

4.       Hib Vaccines: An Indian pharmacological company by the name Bharat Biotech has developed first indigenously made Hib vaccine against Heamophilus Type b microbe.

5.       Shanferon: Noted Biotech Company Shantha Biotechnics had come out with first indigenously made interferon that costs about 40% less than the imported interferon. This compound is used in the treatment of Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia, Chronic Hepatitis B and Chronic Hepatitis C.

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