Saturday, 11 July 2015

A Travelogue on Southern Ireland


Ireland is a picturesque place known world over. This country is a member of the European Union that earns its major exchequer from tourism related activities. The beautiful countryside has vast tracts of green fields dotted by habitations in between. This is a regular feature when one sets out of Dublin, its state capital. Its administrative capital is just like any other country capital with lots of high-rise buildings and well maintained road. Hence, the visitor might not be able to see the beautiful landscape that is the hallmark of the countryside in this picturesque country in the European Union.

Visiting Rustic Countryside in Southern Ireland

On landing on the turf of the international airport in Dublin, the country capital, a visitor would have great expectations about the places they are scheduled to visit. Like any capital city, it is made of all the man-made features that are placed in an orderly manner, which is a hallmark of well planned city. After a drive through the well maintained highway, they reach the outskirts of the city that reveal the real beauty of the countryside. The first stop of the touring visitors is at a place called Clonmacnoise. This place is traversed by the River Shannon. Hence, you can find beautiful greenery on either side of its bank. This is the textbook example of places one would visit in the southern part of Ireland.

Best Places to Visit

The southern part of Ireland is blessed with a number of beautiful places and heritage spots. The tour operator would take the visitors to a number of places as discussed below.

  • Saint Ciaran Church: This place of worship is situated on the banks of the River Shannon in a place called Clonmacnoise. This church is located at an ancient Christian site founded by Saint Ciaran. This is the first stop of the entourage visiting the southern part of Ireland.

  • Ashford Castle: This is the next stop of the entourage visiting the southern part of this beautiful country. The touring team reached this destination in the evening for a stay overnight. It is the newly restored structure. The castle has an eventful history that dates back to 1228 AD. Recently, it was renovated and converted into a 350-acre five-star hotel.

  • Parke’s Castle: The next day morning the entourage headed for this beautiful castle located on the banks of the River Lough Gill. This castle is located in the Count Leitrim. This structure is set up in a colourful setting to attract the tourists. The locals of the County have to say even sweeter and colourful stories about this building.

  • Sligo: After a visit to Parke’s Castle, the team of tourists headed for a place called Sligo, which was described the renowned Irish poet William Butler Yeats as the ‘Land of Hearts Desire’. On entry to the place, the visitors are able to make out why the poets across generations have sung in praise of it. The famous Irish poet William Yeats has written couplets on this beautiful place due to his admiration for it.


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