Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Do You Know About Hidden Beach Off the Coast of Mexico?


Have you ever thought of peeking through a hole on the surface of a lush green island in a far off place? If you see through this big hole, you will see a totally different world before your eyes. Right before your eyes come a secret beach with ample shade, sunlight and crystal-clear water. The island we are mentioning about is Marieta Islands off the coast of Mexico. This strange island is located in an archipelago near Mexican coast. In this blog, we will be giving a firsthand account of this great place where a tourist should visit once in a lifetime.
marieta island

Marieta Islands

This island group is part of a chain of islands that came into existence after a volcanic eruption in recent geological past. People visiting these islands give testimony that they have natural wonders in store for them. On one such island, one can see a big hole that reveals the sunlight to the underneath sea shore. This island features a hidden beach, which is locally known as Playa Del Amor. It is located towards the west of Puerto Vallarta in Mexico and at the opening of Banderas Bay. According to the rumours that float around in the region, this gigantic hole revealing the hidden beach was created due to the deliberate bombings in the past. Despite the presence of this wonder, it is completely uninhabited due to the lack of modern amenities there. In the early 1900s, it was found out by the locals and was subsequently informed to the government authorities. Since then, the government was using these islands for testing military hardware. It is widely believed that the test bombs are known cause for many caves and rock formations found on this island. These thought processes give substance to the belief that the Hidden Beach might have been created by such military testing.
secret beach

History of the Islands

As a result of relentless fight against the military occupation and operations on the island, the government had to finally relent under public pressure and vacate the island a decade or so back. In 2005, the government declared it as a national park to tap its tourism potential. By that time, the natural wonders present on the island became popular amongst the foreign countries. As the peace time returned, it became the centre for kayaking swimming and sunbathing. Due to the efforts put in by nature lovers, the flora and fauna of the island has been restored to its past glory. Even the natural beauty of the pristine water and white sand filled shore has been brought back. 

circular hole

Hidden Beach

It is invisible from outside as it lay beneath the geographical formation on the island. It is only approached through a long water tunnel that links the beach to the Pacific Ocean. There is approximately 6 feet of space above the sea level that separates the surface of the island. Hence, the visitor to this shore needs to come through this water tunnel by swimming or kayaking. Though the island is uninhabited, it is visited by tourists from across the world to enjoy the diverse wildlife and unique tropical Eden of Playa Del Amor. It provides once in a lifetime experience far off from the madding crowd.

water tunnel
Thuruvananthapuram Marietas Islands, Mexico