Sunday, 5 July 2015

HDFC Bank Rolls Out Watch Banking


watch banking

Recently, one of the reputed private service banks in India HDFC has come out with a banking application that can be used in Apple Watch.  This is the first bank in India to come out with a watch-based banking application. It aims to provide banking services through all wearable devices working on iOS and Android platforms. More strikingly, its availability for use in Apple Watches has carried it forward as a striking deal for customers who are staunch followers of Apple products.  Launching the application meant for watches, the HDFC bank officials stated that the functionalities of the new application were selected keeping in mind the features made available in Apple Watch operating system and what its owners are expected to do with it. 

watch based application

Features of Watch Banking Application

Through the wearable device platform, HDFC is going to provide a total of 10 banking transactions in the first phase. Those applications that have been included are recharges, bill payments, viewing account details, hot listing of facilities, request statement, location of the nearest ATM or branch, and cheque book issuance.  This application need not be downloaded and installed on your wearable device. Instead, if they have the older version of the application, they can go for free upgradation. Later, the customers can activate the watch banking functionality from the upgraded version of HDFC bank’s mobile application itself. In connection with the launch, the HDFC bank’s Digital Head Nitin Chugh has laid a claim that the new application has the same depth of security as seen in its mobile banking application. He further added that the enhanced features and better security environment are expected to provide different kind of banking experience to the wearable device users, especially the owners of Apple Watches. He further explained that the developers of application have addressed the requirements of the wearable device users to improve its appeal among the customers.

watch bank application

Thuruvananthapuram Mumbai, Maharashtra, India