Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Healthcare Costs are Getting Dearer


With the opening of the healthcare to the private sector, the costs of treatment for various ailments have been increasing steadily. There is no respite in sight. The private hospitals try to monetize the belief of the patients in doctors to the hilt. This has been a growing trend, leading aside the health repercussions. Moreover, the common man does not have time to look at what is ailing in the sector. Unless something happens that start affecting his daily life, he is bound to keep quiet. Understanding the risks involved, the hospital authorities never let the patients have a look at the treatment history, fearing a backlash from them in the event of something going wrong.

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Costly Treatments for Patients

Everything in the medical industry is commercialized. Be it the generic medicine or the room stays during the treatment at the hospital, everything is on the higher side, pushing the common man to the brink of nervous breakdown. If the treatment involves a disease of a serious nature, the costs for treatment, stay at hospital and diagnostic procedure prove prohibitively high. This is the reason why the patients are now being seen as two classes of people. One that can take up any cost and the other belongs to the lower or middle class of people. The former gets better attention and the best of treatment and the latter gets a treatment that is within his budget range. In the private sector, the highly specialized doctors have only time to see the affluent class of patients, leaving the rest of the patients to their juniors. When the experience of the doctor counts in treatment, people from the middle or lower middle class are devoid of the kind of treatment they expect due to the lack of adequate cash. This differentiation has become a norm in the present day world. Anyhow, the patients have to see the doctors to get proper treatment at some cost. This does come in between the doctors and the patients.

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Unscrupulous Tests and Medicines

In the name of the treatment, the patients are made to undergo a battery of tests and the charges of those tests are levied on them. The fact of the matter is that many of these tests are not required. Since the hospital authorities have purchased the equipments, they want to make full use of that at the patients’ cost. Similar is the case of medicines dispensed across the counter at our pharmacies. One brand of medicine might have a different formulation and dosage when compared to those available in the market. Yet, only type is dispensed to all types of people because the doctors have got compensations from the pharmaceutical companies.

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