Friday, 10 July 2015

Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park


Almost in the same year (1988) another beautiful park came into existence in the neighbourhood of Kuala Lumpur Bird Park. It was dedicated to the rearing and breeding of beautiful butterflies. Unlike the bigger counterpart, the butterfly park has an area size of 80,000 square feet. This park basically is a beautifully landscaped garden that is modified to hold the butterflies. This park has gone on record as the largest butterfly park in the world. Visitors to the much renowned Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park make it a point to visit this park as well after they come to know about its attractions from the local tour operators. Hence, people who have visited this park have never said that they had wasted the precious time wandering there.

About the Butterfly Park

Spread over a total area of 80,000 square feet, Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park has over 50,000 butterflies. These beautiful creatures were collected from different parts of the world with the hope of preserving their ecosystem. For this purpose, the park has a wide diversity of ferns, lilies, orchids, hibiscus and other types of shrubs. Therefore, it would like a paradise for the onlooker with a wide display of colours and aroma that take them to a totally different realm of experience. The words cannot explain the visual treat only the first hand experience would narrate the exact experience. On entering the premises, the visitors would be able to see the wings of so many colours at one time as if the nature has showered us with multiple rainbows. When they slowly close their wings, they would look like the dead leaves. So these two extremes alternatively would be on display, giving a filmy exposure to the onlookers.

Description of Surroundings

On entering the premises, the visitors would be hearing the gurgling sound of water flowing on the artificial streams. They would be seen streaming past the ferns and flowers so smoothly that they appear as real ones. The central water body in the park holds colourful fish like Japanese Koi and freshwater turtles. On the banks of the water body, the travellers can see hopping grass hoppers and other types of insects that inhabit the garden. The authorities of the park have kept the trays of ripe fruits and fresh flowers to feed the butterflies. There is a museum of butterflies on its premises. The display in this museum has been classified continent wise to tell the students about different butterflies seen there.

Thuruvananthapuram Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia