Friday, 17 July 2015

Pakistani Advertisement Urging People to Light Someone's House on Eid


In the run up to the impending Eid festival, a Pakistani soft drink company has come out with a commercial that celebrates the universal brotherhood and the importance of bonding between the communities. It also highlights the importance of serving food to the needy and less fortunate people, in accordance with the tenets of Islam principles.

pakistani commercial

About the Advertisement

This advertisement features popular Pakistani starlets mixing with people to impart the message of recycling. The starlets are seen setting examples by collecting the used bottles from the party venues or having the Eid feast at home far away from media glare.The video has the melodious touch of Noor-e-Azal, Noor-e-Kuda song providing soft touch. This song is sung by noted Pakistani singer Abida Praveen. Another positive side is the clear video description of how the recycling of the plastic is done. Let us watch it and imbibe the spirit.

Thuruvananthapuram Islamabad, Pakistan