Monday, 6 July 2015

Reason Behind Superstar RajiniKanth Opting Out of Drishyam Tamil Remake


It is official that Rajinikanth was initially approached by the makers of the blockbuster Malayalam film Drishyam as they thought that he would add a totally different dimension to it. The actor chose to walk away from the offer due to the presence of two scenes in the movie wherein the lead character enacted by him gets brutally beaten.  This news was unofficially doing rounds in the tinsel town in South India among the film critics and other stakeholders. It has officially come out of the horse’s mouth through a media interaction.

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Hilarious Reason Cited by Rajinikanth

According to the director of Malayalam blockbuster Drishyam Jeethu Joseph, the superstar Rajinikanth did like the story of the movie. Hence, he inquired whether two scenes in the film could be altered when its Tamil remake is made. The Drishyam director told the superstar that the said two scenes have a pivotal role in the overall fabric of the movie. The superstar felt that, though he personally liked it, the enactment of two scenes would not go down well in the minds of his die-hard fans. Hence, he decided to opt out of that movie, clearing the way for the other superstar Kamal Haasan to take up the crucial role in the Tamil remake. The remake film is christened as Papanasam and it has hit the screen with good response from the general public. Drishyam filmmaker echoed the sentiment of Rajinikanth that his die-hard fans may not like the enactment of two scenes in the movie. However, the other superstar did not make any such statement and readily agreed to cooperate with the Drishyam director.

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Objected Scenes

In the first scene, the lead characters, including that enacted by Rajinikanth, get brutally beaten up by police. The second one is the climax scene wherein the lead character on the screen gets caught in a fighting scene and gets severely injured. The superstar of Tamil movie Rajinikanth raised objection to these scenes as they were against the public perception that the characters enacted by him on the screen are physically invincible and mighty. Embarrassed filmmaker saved his skin by telling the superstar that he would get the script for the Tamil remake rewritten and come back. Later, he continued with the same script and roped in the services of the other superstar in Tamil film industry Kamal Haasan.  Since this goof up, the film has completed the production and has reached the silver screen as Papanasam to wide reception by the audience.

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