Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Some Thought-provoking Answers Given by Dr. Kalam to Students’ Questions


Former President Late Dr. Abdul Kalam has been an able teacher every student would like to listen to. He has been able to impress the members of the student community by providing thoughtful answers to numerous questions posed by them. This quintessential teacher has been able to give the thought-provoking answers to the questions posed by the ignited minds of the children. This is the reason why he loved the children and other youngsters. If you look at these answers, you can see that he had mixed up stories with the clear messages in simple language that any student can understand. In this blog, we would be looking at some of the instances wherein the People’s President had given thoughtful answers to the questions.

kalam interaction

  • Obstacle for Nation Development: According to the former President Abdul Kalam, the greatest handicap of our people is their defeatist tendency. He told the gathering that this obstacle can be overcome with the help of youth power that can easily be ignited to think big. He strongly believed that ignited minds can transform the nation into a prosperous one.

    student interaction

  •  First Scientist of the World: Dr. Abdul Kalam answered this question by acknowledging the inquisitive mind of children. He told a gathering of students that they are the first scientists of this world as they are the source of unending questions. He further added that the science actually thrives on such questions and the inquisitiveness these bring into the mind of youngsters.

    first scientist students

  • Superstitions and Religious Beliefs: The former president believed that superstitions and religious beliefs can be slowly ebbed out through the acquisition of knowledge. This approach would cultivate in the minds of youngsters the ability to think rationally and objectively. He also opined that the religious beliefs as such are not bad for the humanity.

    superstitions and religious beliefs

  • Issue of Corruption: The People’s President strongly believed that corruption also breeds nepotism, partiality, etc. He told the students that increasing corruption is the impediment to the development of the country.  Hence, the government of our country should set up the anti-corruption meeting to spread the awareness of corruption-free India.

    corruption issue

  • Logic Behind the Missile Development: To this question, Dr. Kalam had told that India cannot do the penance without taking security measures due to the presence of hostile neighbours. That is why our country is developing nukes as a deterrent to other countries in our neighbourhood.

    missile development

  • Need for Scientific Temperament: The former President of India Abdul Kalam believed that scientific temperament leads to the proper understanding of the problems faced by the mankind. Thinking on this line, India has developed simple devices as spin off from the space and defence research activities.  He further added that the human beings make good as well as bad use of nuclear energy. Science is merely a device through which the changes are brought in the society.

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  • Dream Profession: Once during interaction with children, one of them asked which profession he really liked most – Scientist or Presidentship. With a smile the missile man told the guy that he really like none of them. He further added that he liked the teaching profession very much.

    teaching profession

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