Friday, 3 July 2015

What is the Cause of VVIP Racism in India?


Since the dawn of independence in India, people have been voting different political parties to form the governments at the centre and the states.  This has been happening for last 69 years. Initially, political parties and leaders knew very well that the common man was their bread and butter. Hence, they were always with people at the time of the requirement. As the years passed, the leaders enjoying the perks and power have begun more brazen in their anti-people activities. They try to tweak the laws to benefit their requirements and keep the ordinary mass in a state of foolery.  The modern-day leaders have heavily fortified their surroundings with people who are close to them.  That is how they have become totally alienated from the electorate. They want every perks and benefits available in the country for them at the cost of people.

VVIP racism

Change in Mindset of Modern-day Politicians

Due to the continuous exposure to the corridors of power, the so called leaders have become emboldened so much they have started to think about themselves as the uncrowned Maharajahs. Moreover, the so called babus or bureaucrats have started to become responsive only to these leaders.  The unholy nexus between the leaders and bureaucrats have grown to such an extent that they orchestrated many manipulations to increase their wealth and hold in to the corridors of power. These efforts have resulted in a number of scams. During the earlier days, the number of scams was less due to the straightforward nature of politicians. The leaders who have entered into the politics later have become insensitive to the needs of the very people who have voted for them. These leaders have devised methods to make electorates as vote banks and get their votes for them. 

modern politicians

Psychology of Electorates

Though there is a change in the mindset of leaders, the outlook of electorates has not changed. Moreover, the minds of people have been polarized along the religious and caste lines. Hence, they are forced to work on the lines of what their leaders think in the hope that they would get some benefits ultimately. Using the carrot stick, the leaders have been flocking the electorates to their desired direction. Hence, thus common men have become the pawns at the hands of leaders in their political chessboard. The electorates have lost the ability to think and become easily brainwashed by their leaders.


Emboldened Leaders

The leaders have been trying to convince the ordinary citizens that they are entitled to all the privileges that can come to them at all cost. They are ready to go to any extent possible to avail those facilities.  They think that people should sacrifice their freedom to give free access to the facilities for their leaders. Many of the leaders think that they are uncrowned Maharajahs who are entitled to have perks and power to stay in power. They openly violate laws and the law enforcing agencies and bureaucrats just support in their pursuit of power in the name of the people.

emboldened leaders

Changing Mindset of Youth

However, the outlook of the educated modern youth has changed. They don’t want to take these brazen violations of law by the leaders to avail these facilities lying down. They have started responding in kind and have been capturing such incidents country wide in their phones and upload them in social media sites for public consumption. This has forced the government to rethink about the strategy of approaching people. Therefore, the leaders and officials were instructed to not to take up issues that would alienate them from the people.

youth reaction
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