Thursday, 16 July 2015

What is Rotting in Film and Television Institute of India (FTII)?


The politicians try to butt in all the things in the name of the electorate. They say that they are entitled to assume the leadership position of anything to better the situation. Instead of the betterment of the setups, the politicians have been known to push them into the oblivion by promoting nepotism and corruption. Many of the public sector organizations run with the government funds have stooped into bankruptcy due to the inefficient handling of the administration. We have seen how once profit-making Air India has slipped into the depths of loss due to the careless attitudes of people who sit on its governing board.

Politicians Meddling with Reputed Organizations

In order to showcase their leadership and boost their earning opportunities, the politicians occupy the managerial positions in the top hierarchy of the organizations. After the elections, the top positions of all government and public sector organizations are filled in a mutually beneficial manner by the parties that are in power. This results in nepotism and corruption at higher places, resulting in the loosing of business. We can see a large number of examples like that. The politicians are looking for avenues to earn money, not the ways to improve the organizations. As a result, they favour out of turn people that provide big money for them, without caring for the viability of the business. This seems to have even happened in Film and Television Institute of India. This national institute has in the past produced many illustrious people who have carved their niche in the film and television industry. That is the reason why the institute has a high stake amongst students who want to do something creative for people.

 Present Scenario

According to the students of FTII, the governing council of the institute has been occupied by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) ideologues that have nothing to show creatively and inspire them. They have come to occupy the coveted posts in the council just because the ruling party has posted them on political considerations. Hence, they wanted to stop this corrupt practice from occurring in the institute. This issue snowballed into a controversy when the BJP appointed its confidant and actor Gajendra Chauhan as its Chairman. The actor has not so inspiring body of work to show and inspire the students. He seems to have worked for the BJP and Narendra Modi during 2014 elections. Other than that, he has appeared in few television serials, including famous Mahabaratha serial as Yudhishtara. This is the reason why the students are raising their ante on this political appointment.

Student Strike

The strike has entered into the second month and there is no end in sight. Many artists have lent their support to the students and urging Gajendra Chauhan to relinquish the post for the common good. Neither the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (I & B) nor the FTII students are blinking. With both the parties taking rigid stand, the Ministry of I & B has started the first step in the direction of finding a solution by inviting the students for the talk. Let us wait and see how things unfold in the coming days. The students are getting support from all walks of life as their cause is just.

Thuruvananthapuram Pune, Maharashtra, India