Friday, 3 July 2015

Why Students Develop Aversion to Mathematics?


In Indian Educational System, the importance is given to by-hearting the topics. Never, the wards are encouraged to understand the topics logically and graphically. In government schools, the resources available at the disposal of teachers and students are not enough to give proper explanation to the students. Many schools though have affiliation don’t have quality teaching resources to explain the concepts in detail. The concepts are made out to the students in a dry manner without any creativity. This leads to lack of interest in the minds of students and they start getting terrorized at the prospect of handling the subject.

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Need to Change the Mathematics Teaching Approach

When the same teaching methods are used to teach mathematics, which is essentially a game of numbers and theorems, the subject appears boring. Unless and until the concepts are discussed in the form of rational situations using the pictorial representations, the subject is going to become boring to the students. Most of the children start sleeping the Mathematics classes, not knowing what the class by a teacher of the subject discusses with them.  The theorems when discussed in classes as merely theorems, the students are not going to understand anything from them. This is the reason why most students flunk in the test.  The students need to be told things that form a pattern in nature follow these rules inherently. The mathematical laws form the integral part of the patterns that we see in the nature. This has to essentially go into the minds of the students.

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Mathlab Online

When the Mathematics subject is taught with this fundamental reality in mind, the students start to attach some importance to this subject. This is what is done while developing Mathematical labs for the students. The labs have kits that effortlessly teach the basic laws of geometry, calculus and arithmetic. The students are given physical objects to deal with and are asked to assemble the kit following certain laws. This would help them easily correlate the theorems in better light. In Mathematics, the students either get all or none. Unless and until they get hold of the concepts and theorems, the application in various questions never comes naturally to the students. Various physical objects with certain shapes and dimensions are assembled or associated in specific ways to get the pattern as described in these theorems.  Now many software programs have been developed to let know the nature of mathematical theorems and laws and their applicability in nature. For example, certain theorems on chaos help people understand what is happening at the subatomic levels.

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