Tuesday, 11 August 2015

5 Ways to Get Better Sleep at Night


Due to change in lifestyle and food habits, people are losing fast the rhythm of life and are therefore suffering from it. For instance, people tend to over eat when they are supposed to eat less. Over a period of time, they start getting tires of fat around waist and their tummy start coming out. Untimed food habits in the night also lead to insomnia in many people. There are other reasons for change in Circadian Rhythm.  We should in fact give some time for the mind to relax so that it can fall off to sleep slowly. In this article, let us see 5 habits that promote sleeplessness in the night.

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  • Night-time Snacking: Always one should have night-time light food early. This would give enough time for us to digest food right before we go to bed. Having snacks in the night before bedtime cause a disorder by the name gastro-esophageal reflex. It increases the acidity in the stomach, which in turn causes stomach discomfort.

    nigth time snacks
  • Exercising very Late: Doing exercise is always considered as good for health. However, timing is very important. You should not be doing exercise late in the night. The body heats up during exercise, which is not good for a sound sleep.

    very late exercise

  •  Watching too Much TV: The bedtime watching of movies, crime programs, etc. can increase the adrenaline count in the blood. This leads to increase of blood pressure. The increase in blood pressure brings discomfort on the bed. Hence, it will not help in getting sound sleep.

    watch tv

  • Working after Hours: If you work late in the night or stay back for work in the office, you get stressed up when your body needs the period of rest. This change in response would lead to insomnia and appetite loss. Hence, late working should be avoided to get deep sleep.

    working late

  • Talking too Much: Now-a-days, people don’t get enough time to talk to their spouses. So, they devote some time for this while lying on the bed. This is to some extent acceptable provided it does not go into the heated arguments. If this spurt of argument arises, it leads to increased energy levels and stress hormones in blood. This situation keeps you awake for a long period of time in the night. Hence, it needs to be avoided.

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