Friday, 25 September 2015

Tips for Solar Panel Maintenance


Generally, solar panels require very little maintenance as they don’t have any moving parts. If the solar panels are configured correctly at the time of installation, they are destined to work smoothly thereafter. So, what you have to do to ensure its top efficiency? You need to only periodically inspect these panels for any dirt or debris. You can take any of the following steps to clean and maintain your solar panels.

solar panels

  • Simple Cleaning: This is the easiest way to do and it requires less time and money. You can pick up a standard garden hose and rinse the surface of the panels with a spray of water.
    simple cleaning
  • Cleaning with Mild Detergent: Certain stains arising out of dust or bird dropping do not go by rinsing with a spray of water. Here, you need to use a sponge and a mild solution of detergent in water. By applying the detergent-laced water on the stained areas, the panels can be cleaned to restore their transparency. After applying the soapy liquid, you can wash off the excess liquid by rinsing the area with jet of water.

    cleaning with mild detergents

  • Cleaning with Ladder and Long Mopes: If the large panels are kept on the rooftops of the buildings, then you can use the ladders to access them and long mopes to clean them. After applying the mild detergent solutions, you can use the water sprayer to remove the excess detergent solution and the dirt that has come off the surface.

    ladder and long mopes

  • Obtaining Professional Help: If the solar panels are on the high-rise building, individual effort may not be sufficient. It may turn out to be a dangerous proposition. In such case, it is better to seek the help of the professional cleaners who take extra care about the panels, despite their height from the ground.

    professional help
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