Monday, 7 September 2015

Motherly Instincts Seen in Animals As Well


The instances of motherly instincts can be seen in higher forms of mammals as well. This is what comes out in stark contrast, when we read a strange case wherein a pregnant dog feeds its breast milk to a two-year-old orphaned child. This case was reported in a recent social media site. Has it not been due to the motherly instinct of the animal, the toddler would have died due to hunger and dehydration? In this article, we would see this story that tells the world loudly that the love and affection are not lost in this world, and it is not the monopoly of human beings only.

motherly love

Dog Feeds the Child with Its Milk

A child was found abandoned by its mother in a workshop a port city near Santiago, Chile. When people found the child in bad condition, they found a pregnant dog nearby. Despite being alone for a few days, the child was found alive. The locals say that the pregnant dog had fed the child with its milk to keep the child alive before it was found by them. They say that the toddler was found in bad condition by the pregnant dog residing in the nearby house. This act of kindness went on for some time. On one fine morning, the passersby happened to see the child feeding on the breast of the pregnant dog. They informed the authorities about the plight of the abandoned child.  The health authorities took the possession of the child and got it admitted to the hospital for further check up. The doctors who treated the child had opined that the child would have died in a few days had there not been a helping hand from the dog. The gift of affection for the small ones is seen in other forms of animals as well. However, there seems to be the decrease in such a feeling in human beings.

pregnant dog

Medical Condition of the Child

The doctors who treated the child had opined that the child was suffering from skin infections, dehydration, and hunger. While in hospital, the doctors and nurses took turns to nurse the child so that it could recover faster. Learning about the plight of the child from the media, it’s so called biological mother came to the hospital to take back the child. Since the mother was in drunkard state, the hospital authorities did not give the child to her.  It took a week’s time for the hapless child to recover completely. The hospital authorities have sent the child to Child Welfare Centre to take care of the child.

Thuruvananthapuram Santiago, Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile