Wednesday, 18 November 2015

5 Super Hit Malayalam Films that have been Dubbed in Other Languages

In Mollywood, there is no dearth of stories that can easily be identified with masses. That is the reason many of the films have been dubbed into different languages. Many of the stories could be traced to one real-time story or the other. Moreover, there are gutsy and creative film directors who would like to experiment with stories and characters. Unlike other film industries in our country, these films are also made with shoe-string budget. Yet they fare well at the Box Office.

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  1.  Manichitra Thaazhu – Story of the Magic Key:

    This film talks about the split personality as a disorder. It dwells on the issues faced by the immediate members of the family when a person exhibits this disorder. This film was remade into Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi languages.

    manichitra thazhu

  2. How Old Are You – Age Does Not Matter:

    This movie tries to do away the perception in our country that people can build their career only at young age. Moreover, the flick also blasts the belief that women can only become homemakers. It is remade in other languages with same name.

    how old are you

  3. Drishyam – A Visual Illusion:

    This movie talks about a person who successfully creates an illusion before the police so that he can save his family from the punishment after he commits an unexpected crime to save her daughter from a maniac.


  4. Bangalore Days – Getting Together of Cousins
    This movie talks about the journey of the cousins from different parts of Kerala for a get together at a relative’s place in Bangalore and the way they spend their time together at the venue.

    bangalore days

  5.  Katha Parayumbol – Story About the Life of a Barber.

    The film is about how a barber's life is turned upside down when a film unit comes to the village for a shoot, and the news spreads that superstar Ashok Raj (Mammootty) is the barber's childhood frien

    katha parayambol

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