Thursday, 28 January 2016

Uruguayan Circular Bridge Provides Panoramic View to Drivers and Pedestrians


Recently a circular bridge was built on the southern coast of #Uruguay, replacing the traditional raft that used to connect its two cities Rocha and Maldonado. The construction and location of the bridge marks a marked departure from the traditional bridges that are constructed over the water bodies. This bridge was constructed in a record period of 12 months or a year when such constructions take many months or a few years in our country.

circular bridge

Circular Bridge

Designed by the noted architect of Uruguay Rafael Vinoly, the bridge provides road connectivity to two cities Rocha and Maldonado on the country's southern coast. The connectivity earlier used to be through a traditional raft crossing over the water body skirting the coast. The journey through this newly constructed circular bridge is rather breath-taking for the drivers as well as the pedestrians. The name of the water body over which this architectural marvel has come up is Laguna Garzon.

panoramic view

Novel Concept

The concept of the architect was to transform the journey of people over the water body into an event marked with panoramic view of the sea and the surrounding landscape. Due to this visual cue, the vehicular movement on this bridge becomes slower, thereby lowering the incidence of accident. This novel concept in design has enabled the people passing by to have enough time to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Now, people are even seen stopping their vehicles on the side lanes to get the full view of the sea and the surrounding landscape. The architect has not even forgotten the pedestrians as they have amble place at the centre to stop and watch the nature in action.

sea and land
Thuruvananthapuram Uruguay