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Shocking Heatlh Benefits of Raw Potato Juice


Traditionally, the potatoes are blamed for causing high sugar and cholesterol content in the blood. If the recent studies are anything to go by, the juice made out of the raw potatoes is elixir to many diseases. The researchers working on this vegetable swear that it is more efficient than the majority of medications prescribed by the practitioners of modern medicine. They say that the juice from the raw potatoes greatly stop on the tracks the disease conditions like gastritis,hypertension, diabetes, and other serious health conditions such as various types of cancers.

raw potato juice

Old Thoughts

From time immemorial, some of the civilizations understood the health benefits of raw potatoes. The people from such civilizations have been passing down the health tips that they have learned from their parents to the next generations orally. Since those tips were not backed with scientific reasons and thoughts, they were ignored by the modern generation. However, some of the members of older generations persistently used this folk tips to their advantage and remained healthy for many years. Even today, many from the contemporary generation don't believe that the potato juice has some disease-curing properties.

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New Revelations

This belief about the raw potatoes is completely wrong. A latest study done by a group of researchers has found that some of the traditional beliefs regarding the curative property of potato are true. Apart from that, they have also found other health benefits the juice from potato slices can bring. However, they have added a word of caution. The sprouts and green parts of potatoes should removed, as they contain poisonous substances. The poison can be removed by peeling those parts off the flesh of the vegetable or tuber. Though there have been a lot of research on this topic in the past, the recent one conducted by Dr. John Tucakov has gone deeper into it. In the course of their research, the team has found that raw potato juice is the best natural cure for gastritis, which has now become more common stomach problem with those people who have irregular eating routines. Another researcher by the name Dr. John Lesindzer has also done an in-depth research on the health benefits of this wonderful tuber that comes at a lower cost. He is from Akita University School of Medicine in Japan. His work has been published in the International Congress journal. The Congress was recently held in Germany.


Curative Effects

The team lead by Dr. John Lesindzer has suggested that people should combine a tablespoon of fresh potato juice with water and consume the resultant mixture. If people regularly take this preparation, they will see some remarkable results in their body after a period of time. For better results, they should consume this remedy half an hour before the intake of food. If people suffer from duodenal problems, they should consume half a deciliter of the fresh potato juice, half an hour before both lunch and dinner. He further added that this tuber has much more to offer. According to him, his team has managed to isolate a biologically active compound from the raw potatoes that has been found to suppress tumours in laboratory mouse models. The other curative effects of raw potato juice are listed below for the easy reader reference.

  1. Helps in Detoxification of the Body
  2. Boosts Immunity of the Body
  3. Used in the Treatment of Liver and Kidney Diseases
  4. Supresses Tumours and Cancerous Growths
  5. Reduces the Levels of Glucose and Cholesterol in the Blood
  6. Helps in the Treatment of some Skin Diseases
  7. Provides the Protection against Cardio Vascular Diseases

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