Saturday, 8 October 2016

Politics Over Indian Surgical Strikes


After a long wait, the Indian government decisively gave node for the Indian armed forces to clinically strike the terror launch pads across the Line of Control separating country with its troublesome neighbor Pakistan. The neighboring country is nurturing a hostile attitude towards India since its separation from the British India on religious grounds. As per its state policy of bleeding India on one pretext or another, that country has allowed the terrorist organizations operating against India to flourish without any impunity.  The Indian surgical strike marks a paradigm shift in its policy towards the cross-border incursions and violence against its armed forces and civilians. Instead of supporting the armed forces for the work they undertake at the hostile border with Pakistan, the Indian politicians have begun to play narrow political mind game to garner few votes in run up to the general elections coming in some North Indian states. This is highly deplorable trend. In this article, we would be looking at the responses made by major political parties at the cost if Indian armed forces that guard our borders and deplore them.

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Changing Flavor of Politics

In Indian polity, it is natural to expect the opposition parties to tear into the good works of the party in power to extract the political mileage. This has happened even when the national prestige and security were in stake after the Indian surgical strikes in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK). Indian armed forces resorted to the surgical strikes to destroy the terror launching pads across the Line of Control separating the two countries after the terrorists struck the Army Camp in Uri district of Jammu and Kashmir. Initially, all the political parties across the political spectrum sided with the Indian government and Indian Army. The political parties even congratulated both the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the top brass of Indian army for undertaking the decisive action against the terrorists coming across the border. Later, these political parties changed their stance and asked the government and military to share the video of the surgical strikes to corroborate the country’s claim. Some members of national parties even labelled the claim by Indian armed forces as fake strikes to extract the political mileage. 

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Effects of Political Bickering

The claims and counter claims by the political parties have portrayed the Indian Army in poor light, labeling them as a bunch of liars who want to keep the public in a state of foolery. The belligerent stance taken by the so-called responsible political parties have in fact played into the hands of Pakistani media that lost no time to highlight these responses to bolster their case in the international forums. This has not only showed India in poor light but also brought down the moral of armed forces that are risking their lives to guard the borders. In reality, the subjects of India should have thanked their government for siding with the soldiers and giving full support to them for undertaking whatever steps necessary to teach the enemies of the country a lesson.

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