Saturday, 19 November 2016

IFFK to Get Permanent Venue at Chitranjali Studio Complex


The film lovers of the capital city of the God’s Own Country are going to get a permanent venue for International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK). After much deliberation in the midst of several controversies, the Government of Kerala has selected Thiruvallom Chithranjali Studio as the permanent view for IFFK. The Cultural Affairs and Cinema Minister of Kerala A.K. Balan had disclosed this in a press briefing. He further added that the necessary infrastructure for the permanent venue will come up on Chitranjali Studio Complex in Trivandrum.  In this blog post, let us see what else the honorable Minister has to say about this venue and the reason for choosing the same.

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Current Affairs of IFFK

When the authorities organize IFFK, they screen the chosen cinemas under different categories at different theaters. Some theaters are nearby while some others are far off. Again the show timings in some theaters were at odd times, forcing the film lovers to run around in the city to reach them in time. Since it is a big international event, the participants have to go 12 theaters scattered across the city to see the movies in different categories. The facilities at some of these theaters were not enough to host such a big event.  In those times, there were many criticisms against the government and the organizers. The hardships faced by the participants forced some organizers to demand for a permanent venue in the past. However, the government was not able to find a suitable site for this international event in the past due to many compelling reasons. On looking at the land usage at the Film Studio Complex at Thiruvallom, the Government of Kerala found that it used only 20 acres and remaining 60 acres of land has remained unused for many years.  Hence, it decided to set up the IFFK venue at Chitranjali Studio Complex in the capital city.

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New IFFK Venue

This time around the State Government has finally decided to put its foot down on the venue issue, thereby silencing the critics forever.  The news about the choosing of the venue was given by the honorable Minister of State for Cultural Affairs and Cinema A. K. Balan. Briefing the media, the Minister told that the government has chosen Chitranjali Studio as the permanent venue for IFFK. Along with the DPR for the proposed film city at the studio complex in Thiruvallom, the details about the infrastructure requirements for IFFK will also be included, he further added. Detailing the decision taken at the Cabinet meeting, the Minister also added that the Government of Kerala has already earmarked a sum of Rs. 50 crore for the setting up of the IFFK venue at Chitranjali Studio Complex at Thiruvallom. Another government body Kerala Film Development Cooperation (KFDC) will implement the project and Kerala Infrastructure Investment Fund Board (KIIFB) will raise the fund for it. 

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