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Pros and Cons of American Policies Under Trump Presidency


Proving the psephologists wrong, Donald Trump successfully marched towards the White House in the latest American Presidential elections. No wonder, the exit polls all have gone wrong when the results of the elections trickled in.  It was even a surprise for the Donald Trump himself. Fully acknowledging the will of American voters, the Indian Prime Minister congratulated him for historic success in the elections. Through his twitter handle, Prime Minister Narendra Modi appreciated “the friendship” floated by Donald Trump during his election campaign and hoped that the bilateral friendship between the two countries will continue to score new heights in the coming years. In the month of January next year, he will become the 45th President of the United States of America.  Having said that, let us delve deep into the dynamics of Indo-US relations as manifested in the recent years in this blog post.  

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View of Trump About India

In the high pitch of the electioneering, Donald Trump tried to woo the American Indians and even attended their Diwali festivities. While attending a Hindu Republican Coalition, he had famously said that he had huge respect for Hindus for their great qualities, especially their entrepreneurship. He also further added that he had many Hindu friends. In the same measure, even the Hindu-fringe groups like Hindu Sena sought to celebrate Trump as their hero. Even the famous Vishudham temple of Mumbai performed a yagna for the controversial US Republican candidate Donald Trump.  Many people back in India even likened the phenomenal rise of the US real estate tycoon during the US President elections to that of Shri Narendra Modi during the run up to the Indian General Elections in 2014.

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What can We Expect from Donald-led US Administration?

Beyond all the good talks and friendships, there is a reality both the countries have to live with. It is the hard reality of cut-throat international business and economy, and the complex web of international relations and obligations. This is where we can expect a totally different approach from the US administration under Donald Trump.

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  1. 1      Cons: Throughout his election campaign, he highlighted certain repugnant points about some of the issues on emigration and H1B visas. Since India is a major beneficiary since its opening of business to the outside world, the measures envisaged by Donald Trump during his election campaign such as capping of H1B Visa issued, the mentoring of the local talents, the removal of tax reductions to those companies that outsource the job to other countries and severance of treaties with other countries would harm its business prospects. The President-elect’s view on already existing American treaties with other countries may not augur well for the 'Make In India' campaign of Narendra Modi. Like Modi, he thinks of “America First” campaign.  His hawkish slogans like “America First” and “Make America Great Again” put breaks on the investments in India by the American companies. The issues related to H1B Visa may severely affect the prospects of Indian multinational companies such as TCS, Infosys and Wipro.

  2. 2.       Pros: We can think of only few positive developments that might happen under the stewardship of Donald Trump. Being an open Islamophobic, he is not going to become so lenient with Pakistan, which he and the incumbent US President Barack Obama refer as ‘dangerously dysfunctional’ country. This is our country's sentiment as well. Once he even told in an election campaign that he wanted to ask a country why it gave asylum to the first Al-Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden in its territory. This will augur well for India while it is trying to isolate Pakistan on cross-border terrorism. Another one is the US President-elect’s open disdain for China. Once he called the People’s Republic of China as a “currency manipulator”. During his presidency, the US administration might impose more taxes on that country if it fails to renegotiate deals. This might boost Indian economy to a large extent.
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