Friday, 25 November 2016

Social Media Endorses Manju Warrier’s Stand on Her Failed Marriage with Dileep


A year back, there was a lot of discussion in the social and traditional media about the divorce the film actors Dileep and Manju Warrier. During those tumultuous times, the gifted actress Manju Warrier told the media that she wanted to walk out the wedlock, citing her husband Dileep’s proximity with another actress Kavya Madhavan. With the today’s wedding of Dileep and Kavya Madhavan, it has become clear that the actress Manju Warrier was correct. With the media – both social and traditional – showering praise on the new-wed couple, it is time to think whether the Manju’s stance was right or not. In this blog, we will look into the circumstances in which the actors Dileep and Manju Warrier applied for divorce. Readers go through this blog and please express your view on this development

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Aftermath of High-Profile Divorce

When Dileep and Manju Warrier applied for divorce in a family court in Cochin, there were a lot of talks about the reasons behind the decision to separate, without thinking about their daughter Meenakshi. Some of the people had the view that the main reason for the Dileep to divorce Manju Warrier was his wish to marry Kavya Madhavan. In support of this view, there were rumours that Dileep and Kavya Madhavan were seen together at many places. People have even posted the snaps of them being together in the social media. Both Kavya Madhavan and Dileep chose to stay silent on this issue. However, the growing bond between Dileep with Kavya Madhavan forced Manju Warrier to react. This led to their separation, after the careful deliberation by the couple last year. There was another thought process doing rounds in the media. It was about dominant nature of Manju Warrier. This school of thought further argued that Manju Warrier wanted to pursue her career, against the wish of her husband. They cited the strong coming back of Manju Warrier as an actress in the blockbuster flick ‘How Old Are You?’ They further argued that she wanted to go after the fame and name, risking her family life and against the wish of their child Meenakshi.

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Actress Manju Warrier’s Response

There were more criticisms on Manju Warrier. She gave one deft reply to all her critics, which stumped them and forced them to keep mum. She told the people, especially her fans that she wanted to go away from the life of Dileep. When the media persons asked her the reason she told that she was against her husband mingling more with Kavya Madhavan.  Despite her protest, her husband and actor Dileep mingled more with Kavya Madhavan.  Despite this clarification, there were some criticisms against her from some quarters. She chose to stay mum and concentrated on her work.  With her dedication, hard work and talent, she won many accolades for her role in the movie “How Old Are You?’ wherein she portrayed the role of an independent-thinking woman who wanted to earn some space in the family.

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Dileep-Kavya Madhavan Wedding

At the time of separation, Dileep had made the tall claim that he would go for the second marriage only when his daughter Meenakshi gives him permission to do so. Kavya Madhavan also told the media that Dileep was like her elder brother. All these claims that these two had made in the run up to the high-profile divorce have proved wrong after the marriage of Dileep with Kavya Madhavan, which was solemnized on November 25, 2016. This marriage also proved what Manju Warrier had said then right.  Now, the arguments in favour of the actress Manju Warrier are more dominant in the media. People who criticised the actress now have realized that the decision to move out of the irreparable marriage was right. Manju did know that Dileep is going to marry Kavya Madhavan one day. Hence, she opted out gracefully, elevating her stature in the eyes of public.

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