Friday, 30 December 2016

10 Reasons to Backpack and be a Backpacker


Over the past 40-50 years, being a backpacker has become a global trademark of a sort for a traveler or adventure seeker. The backpack has rapidly become a universal and unmistakable symbol for people who want to explore what the world has to offer for them. Backpackers come in many shapes, sizes, colors, nationalities, and creeds. Certain people have a desire to explore the world around them before they become old. They want to see many people and culture. Many of them later end up writing travelogue on what they have seen or experienced. From these valuable data, we understood many things that have happened in the past. In this blog post, we would be looking at the compelling reasons for adventure seekers to venture out to see different places.


Funny Reasons for Exploration

People generally go backpacking for different reasons. Each person has his own reason for that. If you need a little encouragement, here are a few fun reasons to be a backpacker. Happy Backpacking and enjoy the world out for you to explore and draw the inspiration from.


  1. Meeting people: You meet amazing people from around the world and their cultural backdrop.

  2. meeting people

  3. Visiting places: You get to come across and buy exotic things these places have to offer. These things can then be used to decorate the drawing-room.

  4. visiting places

  5. Self reliance: Backpacks are more economical as you can stuff in a lot of things. Yet, don’t lose your mobility. This way you learn to become independent even when you are mobile.

  6. self reliance

  7. Luggage packing: Backpacks are typically easier to handle than moving around with suitcases when space is a constraint. You learn this way to systematically carry the luggage and yet remain mobile.

  8. luggage packing

  9. Adjustments: You can use it as the pillow when you are traveling in the night. This way you become accustomed to different situations. This enables you to get sleep under all conditions.

  10. adjustments

  11. Easy access: Taking a backpack is easier and you can climb to any height to see whatever exotic scenery you have at a destination. The spirit of trekking remains high even when you have a luggage to handle.

  12. easy access

  13. Generate sympathy: Being a backpacker is like being a student. People feel your pain. They will know you don’t have a lot of money. Hence, they are willing to help you along the way.

  14. sympathy

  15. Visit any place: You end up in some random places. No self-respecting tourists could ever end up in the same places and situations that most backpackers do.

  16. place visits

  17. Adventurism: You feel like your own when you are on the move. The backpackers are universal sign of adventure. People like to see such persons and come forward to help them.

  18. adventure

  19. Feel Mobility: You don’t have to worry about those funny rolling suitcases. Since you have the backpack strapped to you for optimal performance, you feel as if you are free while negotiating a difficult trekking trail.

  20. mobility

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