Thursday, 8 December 2016

Nokia Mobiles to Reappear in New Avatar


After taking over of the Nokia mobile business by the software behemoth Microsoft sometime back, its well established users’ network had to migrate to other reputed brands in the business in last two years. The die-hard fans of Nokia can have a sigh of relief. A former executive of Nokia has confirmed that the time-tested mobile phone brand is going to roll out two Android phones in 2017. If the executive has said in earnest, we can expect the Android mobile version of Nokia may hit the market in the February.  The earlier rumours pointed to a launch during the Q4 2016. It seems Nokia will officially announce its coming back in the mobile phone market at MWC 2016. In this blog post, we will delve into the details of this news for the benefit of the readers who are die-hard fans of this time-tested brand.

nokia comes back

Nokia Models Expected

The reputed mobile brand Nokia has confirmed that it would launch two Android phones in the early phase of 2017. According to some sources, one model will come in the mid-range level and the other will come as a flagship model. The company sources say that people will expect the latter model to compete with those from Apple and Samsung. The HMD Global Executive Arto Nummela shared further about the new Nokia models with a scribe from ‘The Economic Times of India’. He added that the new models will do justice to the existing Nokia model design pedigree. He further added that these comeback models will have competitive prices to stay afloat in the market. He also told the daily scribe that Nokia still enjoys the brand equity in the market that the company want to fully exploit and market the new products to reach the most customers.

nokia concept design

Likely Features

The comeback models will have Android 7.0 operating system. They will also have premium metal designs that have IP68 certification. In other words, the new models will have water-resistant property. They may come up with 5.2-inch and 5.5-inch QHD screens, finger-print scanner, and “innovation” in camera features. They are also expected to feature other functionalities such as split-screen modes, enhanced notifications, and improved gaming platforms. The later feature banks on Vulkan API. Hence, this gaming platform will bring “elements of touch and hover interaction”. This functionality hints at adoption of the 3D Touch-like technology to improve user experience, drawing more customers to the brand. Look at the Tech Radar image for a glimpse of what can we expect.

nokia design
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