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Poovar – Natural Estuary Island and Beach


Poovar is a natural estuary land beach found in the southern tip of Kerala. Being a rare confluence of a lake, river, sea, beach and the land, it is a rare geographical formation in the southern part of India. The beach here is unspoilt as it has not been unexplored by the commercial forces of the tourism industry. This place has serene backwaters surrounding a narrow strip of land. These backwaters slowly open to the sea. The golden sand beach skirting the land separating backwater and the sea take you to a totally different realm of experience. This place has strong ties with the history of the state through its association with the legendary King Marthanda Varma.

poovar estuary island

Poovar Geography

Poovar Beach and Island are nearer to the most known destination of Kovalam Beach. Geographically, it separates the Neyyar River from Arabian Sea. Being close to the sea, it is primarily a fishing village and it has the smell of fish everywhere. Due to the pristine waters and golden sand beach, it adds beauty to the surroundings. This is the reason souls that love solitude come in large numbers. It is also called the estuary land in the state capital. This place is witness to the merging of lake, river, sea and beach with land. This rare geographical formation overlooks the much famed Poovar Island.

poovar geography

Poovar Landscape

The beach in this exotic location separates the Neyyar River from the sea. The backdrop of the sea provides a totally different visual cue to the golden sand beach at different points in time. However, the beach is not conducive for the waterfront activities as the sea is known to have strong under currents. Hence, locals stop the visitors from venturing into the sea for swimming exercise. Due to the presence of the fishing community, the sunbathing is not allowed either here. The name Poovar seems to have come from the word “Poo Aar” in Malayalam. The literal translation of this name is a stream of flowers or petals. During the spring season every year, the red flowers from the flora there fall in the river and backwater to give a visual treat of different kind. This probably could have been the reason King Marthanda Varma of the erstwhile Travancore state called it the stream of flowers (Poovar).

poovar landscape

Flora and Fauna

This place is truly considered as a gateway to paradise where all good things co-exist. The visitors get the feeling that time has skipped a beat long time ago looking at the beauty of the place. Hence, they get the feel of timeless beauty everywhere. The area is rich in well-preserved flora and fauna. The tranquillity of nature gets broken only by sweet sound of waves and birds. One can find hundreds of species of spices, coconut groves, banana plantations and exotic flowers in this place. Therefore, the nature lovers would have a ball of the time visiting this exotic place.

poovar flaura and fauna

Activities at Poovar

The visitors can undertake a variety of activities at this picturesque spot. For this, people should get informed about what they can do at the destination. We are going to list out such possibilities.

poovar resrts

  1. Cruise Journeys: People visiting this place can undertake a journey on-board a cruise to a neighbouring fishing village. On request, the tour operators take the informed persons to the centuries-old martial arts village.  A visit to these villages provides the visitors an experience of entering a natural museum. Because these villages offer a bird’s eye view of the traditional lifestyle and rustic life followed in them.

  2. poovar cruises

  3. Floating Cottages: People can avail the floating cottage facility to enjoy the view of the river front and have the pleasure of staying close to the water body.

  4. floating cottages

  5. Medical Tourism: The visitors this place can avail the facilities for Ayurveda way of treatment for some of the common diseases.

  6. medical tourism

  7. Local Shopping: There is scope for doing shopping in this beautiful landscape. The visitors can buy articles and things that are unique to this place from these shops.

  8. local shopping

  9. Exotic Local Destinations: With the help of local tour operators, you can visit many of the exotic local tourism spots within the region, which includes Poovar Island, Light House, traditional villages, etc.

  10. exotic location

  11. Fishing: People who like fishing as a hobby can visit many exotic spots for this purpose. At these points, they can devour the beauty of nature and enjoy the art of fishing in the backwaters.
poovar fishing

Thuruvananthapuram Poovar, Kerala 695525, India