Saturday, 24 December 2016

Widening of Congested Thycaud Flyover is on Cards


If reports are true, the Kerala Government is mulling over a project to widen already congested Thycaud flyover, near Thampanoor Railway Station in Trivandrum. Many town planners have already talked about this in the past. But nothing happened in the past. This project envisages the widening of the congested flyover into a four-lane type to ease the traffic near the city center. The Trivandrum Corporation is planning to include this in the Trivandrum Metro Rail Project to find the extra fund for this. If this gets approved, it will be the fourth flyover construction as part of the Trivandrum Metro Rail Project. However, the latest addition needs the approval from the Central Ministry of Urban Development. Let us keep our fingers crossed and expect the best. In this blog post, we will see what the municipal corporation wants to do this old Thycaud flyover in the capital city of the state.

thampanoor railway station

Construction of Flyovers

As part of the revised blueprint that will go for approval, a total of four flyovers will be constructed as part of Trivandrum Metro Rail Project. Apart from Thampanoor flyover, new ones will come up at Sreekaryam, Pattom and Ulloor junctions to ease the traffic in the national highway. Returning to the Thampanoor construction, the metro pillars will come over the new flyover that runs from Railway Mail Service junction to Chenthitta. While undertaking the widening of the existing flyover, the approach roads to the flyover will also be widened to ease the traffic through the proposed four-lane flyover. Hence, the Kerala Rapid Transit Corporation is planning to widen the existing flyover to improve the traffic movement from Thycaud and Chenthitta to Thampanoor. The estimated cost of this project Rs. 180 crore.


Issues with Present Flyover

Currently, the junction on the flyover that connects Chenthitta and Thycaud to Thampanoor is too narrow. This leads to the traffic bottleneck during the peak hours. Sometimes, the traffic snarls become very long as there is no provision for the pedestrian movements on the flyover. The traffic police posted at this flyover junction will have harrowing time during the peak hours. The accidents involving pedestrian movements are also on the rise. Adding to the fuel fire is the lack of traffic signals at this junction to aid the traffic police. This always leads to commotion and traffic jams at this junction. The Trivandrum Corporation wants to put an end to this logjam by widening this flyover at the heart of the city. It believes that the construction of the four-lane flyover and the widening of the approach roads will considerably ease the traffic through this point.

thampanoor flyover

Thuruvananthapuram Thampanoor, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India
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