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Bakshi's – A saga of Exquisite Crafts


India is known for a long tradition of artistic excellence, and it has been noted as a land that acknowledges the greatness of art, craft and other forms of creativity. This is evident in every corner of the country where we can see every product made by hand or machine that stand testimony to the craftsmanship and expertise of the artisan. The most common products that people look for buying include garments, jewelry, antiques, the shawls, the blankets or the carpets. These products are known for their multifariousness in designs, utilitarian nature, and high value. Hence, they are high in demand across the world. At Bakshi’s, every effort has been made to keep these high traditions alive.  Hence, it showcases a Saga of Exquisite Crafts that is made in the eastern part of India and exports them to various parts of the world.

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Business Growth

It is not metaphorical to state that Mohammed’s elder son Ajar Bakshi has spent his youthful energy to take the business to new milestones of growth. While talking to the Editor of Explorers Travelogue, he became vocal about the transition his family business has gone through. Reminiscing about the humble beginning, he told that the family business was set up as street shops at important business hubs in the state of Kashmir. Looking at the popularity of the products, most prominent hoteliers such as Taj, Hilton, Radisson, etc. have decided to harbor this business outlet in their premises in major cities. Apart from these, the brand has been successful in establishing outlets in other cities like New Delhi, Trivandrum, Mumbai, Kumarakom, and Kashmir.

bakshi's business growth

Important Products

The most selling cakes from this business are Pashmina Shawls and carpets. The other well-known products of this business are handicrafts, antiques, semi-precious and precious statues, jewelry, etc. The shawls and carpets come with handmade designs as well. Currently, Bakshi’s is the only manufacturer of Pashmina Shawls in Kashmir Valley. All the carpets, shawls and other cloth items have incorporated organic dying technology to design colorful patterns.

  1. Pashmina Shawls: The name of the shawl comes from the Persian word Pashmina. The literal meaning of the word is “made from wool”. It translates to “Soft Gold”. The raw material for this kind of shawl comes from three breeds of Pashmina goat – Changthangi or Kashmir Pashmina goat, the Chegg and Chyangara or Nepalese Pashmina goat. These shawls are hand spun and woven in Kashmir. Made from cashmere fiber, Pashmina shawls are very soft and warm to wear, especially during winter seasons. The export of these shawls is done in a risk-free manner as it gets custom clearance easily. The parcel service providers such as FedEx and UPS (United Parcel Services) collaborate with Bakshi’s to offer glitch-free and tension-free services to overseas customers.

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  3. Carpets: We make a one-time investment in buying most exquisite carpet to give appeal and ambiance to our drawing rooms. Kashmiri carpets are most sought-after in this category.  They are usually hand-knotted, not tufted. The artisans work extensively on the instructions made out to them to make nicely designed carpets. The weft threads are usually passed through the trim or design and color specifications before being looped together. The design patterns usually follow Persian or distinct local variations. The yarn used for the carpets may have silk, wool or silk, and woolen base. Depending on the base, the cost may also increase proportionately.

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  5. Garments: Human being wears dress, garments or other forms of attire on the body to protect it from the vagaries of nature. As the human civilization evolved over time, it began wearing clothes for social and functional reasons. Usually, garments are made from original silk, wool, and leather materials. People can purchase them based on their needs. The garments manufactured at Bakshi's follow a unique weaving tradition that combines innovation and unique excellence of human craft. At Bakshi's, one can see the finest blends of fabrics with other exotic fibers like alpaca, silk, guanaco, etc.

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  7. Jewelry: Indian jewelry has drawn inspiration from various walks of life. Following the cue from across the globe, Indian jewelry has evolved and varied over a period of time from a form of currency to everyday fashion accessory. Hence, the exquisite designs bearing the mark of artistic expressions started coming in the worlds of yellow metal and gemstone. As the demands increased and customer taste changed, the branded jewelry started carving its niche in the jewelry market. At Bakshi's, all ranges of jewelry items bearing the Kashmiri and Indian traditions are available for sale.

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  9. Stones and Statues: The Bakshi's showcases most precious stones that evoke life in them. Artisans working at the shop deftly etch out the hidden forms inside them. While looking at the pieces of art, one cannot help seeing the hidden emotions coming out of them. The stones for this exquisite jewelry are hand-picked from quarries and mines across the globe. Apart from their aesthetic appeal, these fine works of art also have therapeutic and astronomical properties. The visitors to Bakshi's can take home these beautiful items and rejuvenate their lives.

    bakshi's statues
Thuruvananthapuram Kovalam, Kerala, India
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