Thursday, 12 January 2017

Hyperloop One - Trivandrum-Bangalore Corridor Among Semi-finalists


Hyperloop One is a futuristic mode of transport that may carry the things and men to different far off destinations at far lesser costs. The experts in this field believe this mode of transport as the fastest mode of transport conceived by the humanity. They claim that it happens immediately, safely,  and efficiently. A company has come forward with a way to generate ideas to make this concept a reality. If it becomes operational, the authorities can transport people and cargo at the speed of an airline at a bus ticket price. In terms of numbers, a Hyperloop One transport system can theoretically cover 1100 kilometers in a matter of 30 minutes. In this blog post, we will look at this mode of transport and the efforts put by the company to generate ideas to make it commercially viable.

hyperloop one

What is Hyperloop One?

It is a futuristic mode of transport to mobilize men and material at the airline speed. The researchers have come out with this type of system theoretically. After learning about the early bird opportunities, a company has jumped on this bandwagon to make it commercially viable. In simple terms, it is a mode of transport of objects between two points immediately, cheaply, efficiently and sustainably. When this mode of transport becomes operational, the passengers and cargo are loaded into pods that can travel at the speed of a Passenger Jet. These pods are actually present in vacuum tubes. After removing air from the tubes, these pods get fired to generate the speed of a jet plane. The fired pods travel through these tubes without any resistance. Hence, this transport system requires lesser energy to transport people and freight. In realistic terms, a person can travel from Mumbai to Delhi in a matter of just 30 minutes. Usually, these pods can easily pick up speeds more than 1000 kilometers per hour in just a few minutes under vacuum conditions.

hyperloop components

Generate Ideas

In pursuit of ideas to make this concept a reality, a company has launched a Global Challenge. This open competition is open to people, companies, universities and government bodies. The organizers asked the participants to make comprehensive proposals to develop a model to use this mode of transport. After going through a huge volume of proposals submitted, the company has released a list of 35 semi-finalist places. Amongst places selected, the US has 11 places, India has 5 places and the UK has 4 places. Fortunately, a place in Kerala appears in the list as part of Trivandrum-Bangalore corridor.  The other places from India that have come on the list include Chennai-Bangalore, Port connector, Mumbai-Delhi, and Mumbai-Chennai. A panel of experts in transportation, economics, technology and innovation will check the remaining proposals and prepare another list as well as part of Global Challenge showcase event at New Delhi on February 28, 2017.                              

semifinalist places

For the benefit of the readers, we have just uploaded the functioning of the Hyperloop transport module that may revolutionize the way objects are transported in the near future.

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