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Tale of China Freight Train Going to England


The People's Public of China has sent its first freight train from Beijing to London. The journey commenced at commenced at Yiwu West railway station in Zhejiang province in China. The Chinese government wanted to reopen the old silk route to help the freight movement across the continents. It wanted to develop this rail route as the sustainable mode of transport of goods to different parts of the world. In this article, we will look into the specifics and the reason of starting this business by the Chinese government.

chinese freight train

China Railway Express

In an effort to rekindle the hopes of reviving old silk route that used to transport the goods to European countries, the Chinese government has begun a freight train service from Beijing to London. The journey of the train commenced from the Yiwu West railway station in Zhejiang province in China. The train will complete the journey in the course of 18 days. This is the first direct train link that traverses through different countries in Asia and Europe before terminating in the capital city of Britain. This train carries household goods, suitcases, bags, garments and other things to the London city. It will pass through the countries such as Russia, Germany, Belarus, Poland, France and Belgium before halting at London railway station for offloading the freight there.

chinese train to london

Genesis of China Railway Express

This project is part of Chinese President XI Jinping's vision for "One Belt-One Road". Drawing inspiration from the older silk route concept that fuelled the Chinese growth, the state government has designed it as a driving force to boost the country's export in a cost-effective way. Hence, many consider it as the new silk route of the modern times. The authorities are executing the Chinese freight train project to improve the country's economic ties with different countries in Asia, Middle-east, and Europe. The new route unravels a new option for the exporters and importers to carry their goods across the world. At present, the freight movement is either through cheaper and slower sea route or faster and costlier air route.

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Old Silk Route

The old silk route commenced in 200 BC. It was majorly used by Chinese traders to various silk products to ancient countries of Europe and Africa. The Chinese caravans used to take the wears to different countries across the continents to fuel the ancient country's economy. This trail in fact provided enormous wealth and prestige to the ancient Chinese Empire. Since then, this silk route became the symbol of Chinese prosperity and might.

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