Thursday, 5 January 2017

Trivandrum Medical College Hosts Medex


Trivandrum Medical College hosts Medex on its premises for the benefit of public. The seekers of knowledge in science can easily see the working of human body. The visitors can even see the structure of internal organs and their physiology in real terms. The exhibition also showcases the latest development in the medical field and explains in the layman’s language to the visitors. Many regard this as a first-of-this-kind artistic and comprehensive medical exhibition. It is basically a travelogue from cell to brain. The authorities have arranged on a total area of 2 lakh square-feet. In this blog post, we will walk the readers through what all one can see in this informative exhibition for the benefit of its readers.

medex 2017

Medical Exhibition

Dubbed to be the first-of-its-kind, the Medex is an artistic and comprehensive medical exhibition held on the premises of Trivandrum Medical College. It presents the real-time and virtual presentations of human body and its physiological functions. There are video presentations of live surgeries for the benefit of public. Hence, one can have a real experience of things happening in the medical field. The month-long exhibition will come to an end on January 31, 2017. It is jointly organized by the Kerala University of Health Sciences (KUHS), the Students Union of KUHS and the Trivandrum Medical College. This exhibition is being organized at the Medical College premises as part of its 65th Anniversary Celebrations.

specimen exhibits

Salient Features of Medex

 It showcases the practice and science of Modern Medicine through over 1000 exhibits. They have been broadly classified into normal and pathological variants. The visitors can see even the specimens of various disease conditions, and the video and animation presentations of various treatment procedures followed by the medical fraternity. There are even the presentations in virtual and augmented reality formats for the benefit of the visitors. Taken together, all these specimens will show the original human body and its internal organs. The visitors can walk through the live replicas of operation theatres, intensive care units, organ systems and transplantation units to get the first-hand account of things happening in them. There is a separate section for the forensic labs where the visitors can see various procedures being displayed in various presentation formats. In this lab, the visitors get the real-time account of various forensic procedures that led to the solving of the recent Soumya murder case that rocked the consciousness of the state.

medex live models

The visitors get to see the models of various internal organs and animals. The volunteers posted at the stalls displaying these exhibits give fully narrate them for the benefit of visitors. This is for the first time the replicas have been showcased to attract the visitors.

live models

Thuruvananthapuram Medical College Kumarapuram Rd, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India
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