Monday, 23 January 2017

Women Safety and Self-defence Techniques


The violence against the women has been increasing in India due to many factors. It is predominantly due to the over-exposure to porn in the cyber world and over-depiction of woman’s body in the movies. On account of the commodification of women and the hero-dependent women characters in the movies, the youngsters have come to believe that they can play with women as they are generally perceived to be weak. This has emboldened the boys to attack women in public place. Hence, the members of fairer sex should be extra vigilant about this thing and remain equipped to tame the situation to their advantage. In this blog, we will depict how a woman can safeguard herself when nobody comes forward to save their dignity.

women self defence

Women Harassment in Public

We have seen in numerous cases the insensitive nature of the public when they witness the harassing of women by miscreants or antisocial elements. These social-inimical forces consider women as the object of sex. That is the reason they make advances when they see a woman walking alone in the empty by-lanes. In North India, the public molestation happens even in daylight and before a large public. So, do not expect any help from the people who are around. Everybody thinks about his or her own safety first. Only good Samaritans come forward with the help courageously. But such creatures have become rarer in the present world. Hence, women should practice some exercises for their own safety. If the situation warrants their action, they can easily use them to weaken the opponent in a fraction of a second.

public women harassment

Self Defense Classes

Women can undergo training in some of the martial arts classes at nearby places and equip them against such surprising attacks by these antisocial elements. Due to the efforts put in by the state governments, there are free martial arts classes for women and girls in their locality. They just need to inquire about that with the local authorities.  Others who don’t have access to such facilities can learn from the following images to defend themselves.

self defence techniques

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