Saturday, 25 March 2017

5 Ways to Survive When Internet Fails


Think of a scenario wherein your Internet has gone out and it doesn't seem to come back anytime sooner. You don’t have to become upset and bewildered. After a little time of bewilderment, gather your senses and take a deep breath. Believe me, it really helps you stay focused. Just remember that the human civilization used to exist even before the advent of the internet. In those times, there used to be archaic physical media to entertain the audience. The contents in such media used to be updated less frequently. Yet, it was reliable. All you need to do is to familiarize yourself with the analog precursors to today's most popular mobile apps.

Old Things  that  We Used to Do

Do these informative and creative things to gain something useful when the Internet goes off the air. These things the people have been doing for many years. Only thing is that we need to recollect them. Here is the useful list for the readers' reference.

  1. Ages-old Newspaper: If you have been reading the daily news blog to get the latest information happening in your countryside or around the world, don’t hesitate and sit at home if the internet fails. Just step out of your house and go to the nearest shop to buy a newspaper and shuffle through the pages to know about the happenings around the world.

  2. User Generated Contents: If the internet blacks out, you can find solace in finding the user generated contents in the cable. So, you can forget about internet and YouTube for a while and some of the Bollywood-based programs the people have generated and posted in the cable.

  3. Video Stores: When there is no internet service, all the live stream services would stop. You don’t have to worry. Just put your pants on and wear your shirt and march to the nearest video shop and just see some of the stored videos there. This is used to be the case some years back.

  4. Social Media: With the internet going off the air, all social media sites become non-functional. You can still have social gathering offline. You just need to go to the nearest pub or restaurant to have drinks with your friends over the weekend. This is still a nice way of spending quality time with friends.

  5. Offline Maps: Here's an easy one for anyone that's having difficulty readjusting to the offline world. Maps: they're just like the map on your phone except harder to read, don't tell you where you are, don't offer handy travel tips, directions to your destination, or real-time traffic updates. And don't even get me started on compasses.

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