Wednesday, 5 April 2017

10 Acts of Body Language to Avoid


For a trained eye, the body language speaks volumes about the mental transactions happening in a person. All the physical gestures we make during our interactions with others are subconsciously interpreted by the people. This can become boon or bane depending upon the kind of gestures we make during our interactions with others. For instance, defensive postures during an interview may show our under-confidence to the interviewing panel. Some other gestures exude the confidence we feel at the time of interaction. In this article, we would be listing out 10 body languages that we should avoid to impress upon the people we meet or come across in our lives.


Body Languages

In reality, most people do not know anything about their own body language. They just take things for granted and come to their own conclusions about things that happen around them. Hence, the task of disciplining their body to make right gestures is a quite daunting task for them.  Most of the body languages that we make are reflexive. The truth of the matter is that they automatically say what our minds are thinking in any given movement. However, with some effort, we can condition our reflexes in such a way that we can sound confident before others even if we are little under confident. Of course, we should know the right kind of practices so that we can avoid making negative body languages before others. Making such avoidable negative body languages will make the people look down upon us.

body language

  1.   Holding objects in front of our body: This would make the people believe that we are trying to hide behind something.

  2. object in hand

  3. Checking the time of introspection of our fingernails: While looking at the fingernails, we are making others believe that we are not interested in the talks.

  4. finger looking

  5. Picking lint off of our clothes: This shows that we are nervous about the topic being discussed.

  6. linting cloths

  7. Stroking our chin while looking at someone: This creates a bad impression about us.

  8. chin stroking

  9. Narrowing our eyes: This also shows that we are either not interested in the topics or have the disagreement in many of them.

  10. narrow eyes

  11. Looking down before others: This shows that we are either under-confident or hiding something.

  12. looking down

  13. Touching your face during a conversation: This shows that we are nervous about something or somebody.

  14. face touching

  15. Faking a smile: We should sound straight in our behavior. Fake smiles give the impression that we cannot be trusted.

  16. fake smile

  17. Leaning away from someone we like: This act shows the disrespect to the people whom we like or adore.

  18. leaning away

  19. Resting hands behind the head or on hips: This shows the authoritarian attitude of the people. In reality, we might be meek and straightforward. Hence, never give such a posture to the people.

  20. head resting

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