Thursday, 10 August 2017

20 Things that Say You have a Good Husband

Always men expect the women to do many things for them. This is especially true in the third world or Muslim world. The demarcation is now slowly ebbing with the passage of time with members from each gender making contribution for the well being of the society. With the family becoming more nuclear, the expectations from the couple are getting more over the board. In this backdrop, it is quite natural for the women folks to expect something from their spouses. In this blog, we will be listing 20 things women expect from their spouses before adjudging them as good husbands.

good husband

1.      Accepts spiritual responsibility for his family and does whatever needed to teach the children about the findings he had about the better living.
2.      He is willing to say "I'm sorry" and "Forgive me" to his family if he is at fault.
3.      He prefers to discuss household responsibilities with his wife and makes sure they are fairly distributed so that family does not suffer.
4.      He brings in loop his wife on all major financial decisions to get her inputs so that couple does not suffer.
5.      He always keeps track of the commitments he has made to his wife and makes amendments when he is not able to meet one or two such promises.

good husband characteristics
6.      He anticipates different stages his children will pass through and tells them what they need to do to keep them on track.
7.      Anticipates different stages his marriage will pass through and makes preparations for that with the wife’s consent in advance.
8.      He often keeps his wife in good humor by telling her what he likes about her.
9.      Under all conditions, he provides funds for the family’s up-keeping.
10.  Through years of dealing with the family, he knows how to deal with distractions so that he can talk with his wife and other members of the family openly.
11.  He visits with his family to the church or a temple or a mosque on a regular basis and prays with them. He prays for all the members of the family, including him.

12.  He initiates meaningful family traditions so that siblings in the family come and mingle with the family to generate more happiness.
13.  He proactively takes the family to outings regularly to keep the members rejuvenated.
14.  He takes some time from his busy schedules to give his children practical instructions about life to groom them well for the life beyond home.

husband wife relation
15.  In between, he manages the schedule at home and anticipates pressure points when the homemaker is not well.
16.  He manages his finances well and provides serious inputs to the family members to keep his family financially sound.
17.  He makes sure that he and his wife have drawn up a will so that there is a smooth transition after their death.
18.  Lets his wife and children into the interior of his life and discusses with them some funny instances that happened in his life. He also talks about the lean patches in his early life and the way those bad times were overcome
19.  He honors his wife in public.
20.  The husband includes his wife in envisioning the future. Always has a fruitful discussion with his wife to plan for the family.
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