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Friday, 25 September 2015

Tips for Solar Panel Maintenance


Generally, solar panels require very little maintenance as they don’t have any moving parts. If the solar panels are configured correctly at the time of installation, they are destined to work smoothly thereafter. So, what you have to do to ensure its top efficiency? You need to only periodically inspect these panels for any dirt or debris. You can take any of the following steps to clean and maintain your solar panels.

solar panels

  • Simple Cleaning: This is the easiest way to do and it requires less time and money. You can pick up a standard garden hose and rinse the surface of the panels with a spray of water.
    simple cleaning
  • Cleaning with Mild Detergent: Certain stains arising out of dust or bird dropping do not go by rinsing with a spray of water. Here, you need to use a sponge and a mild solution of detergent in water. By applying the detergent-laced water on the stained areas, the panels can be cleaned to restore their transparency. After applying the soapy liquid, you can wash off the excess liquid by rinsing the area with jet of water.

    cleaning with mild detergents

  • Cleaning with Ladder and Long Mopes: If the large panels are kept on the rooftops of the buildings, then you can use the ladders to access them and long mopes to clean them. After applying the mild detergent solutions, you can use the water sprayer to remove the excess detergent solution and the dirt that has come off the surface.

    ladder and long mopes

  • Obtaining Professional Help: If the solar panels are on the high-rise building, individual effort may not be sufficient. It may turn out to be a dangerous proposition. In such case, it is better to seek the help of the professional cleaners who take extra care about the panels, despite their height from the ground.

    professional help

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Apple Starts Rolling Out Android Applications


There is a new buzz in the telecom industry. According to this buzz, the Cupertino-based company has started making Android applications. However, there is a rider in the making of Android applications. These applications are designed to help the customers to migrate from Android to iOS devices. The analysts in the industry believe that the Cupertino Company has made this move to counter the approach of Google to make Android applications that work in the iOS operating system. Apple has been avoiding this move to foray into the competitor’s workspace for some time now due to unknown reasons. The change in mind of the company is surprising for the analysts. Anyhow, the Cupertino Company has come out with Apple Music and Move to iOS Android applications in the WWDC event of 2015. Through this approach, Apple wants to bring these subscribers into the fold of its own services such as iTunes and Apple Music.

android to ios

Motive Behind Android Application Development

The look and feel of these Android applications is likely to be similar to those of an iOS application. Similar thing already exists in the market. For instance, iTune for Windows almost looks like a Mac application. Thinking in these lines, the analysts speculate that Apple wants to give the Android users a taste of iOS through a new customizable user interface. Another comparison can be found in the market. Google is providing its Material Design experience on iOS. Ultimately, it wants to lead Android users to its own iOS applications. If things happen as planned, this migration would become a money spinner for the Cupertino Company.  Let us wait with our fingers crossed see how things unfold in the coming days in this new emerging field. The number of competitors in this new field is far lesser.

data migration

Apple Music – New Android Music Streaming Application

The company is going to come out with an Android application that streams music. The company has chosen to call it as Apple Music. The release may happen later this year. However, the release date is not made available in the public domain.  This music streaming service has been in the public domain as an add-on to Windows operating system and web platform for some time now.  This is for the first time that the Cupertino Company is coming up with an application for such a major service. The change in approach seems to tap the needs of a large audience outside its own iOS ecosystem.

android music

Move to iOS – New Android Application for Data Migration to iOS

This Android application is designed to help people transfer their data from an Android-based device to an iOS-based one. Apple believes that this application would help the new iOS device buyers to migrate data from their Android devices. This application transfers calendars, web bookmarks, camera photos and videos, mail accounts, wallpapers, DRM-free songs and message history to iOS device. This new application also will help Android users to develop their application library also. They can even transfer these libraries to iOS device wirelessly.

data migration easily