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Friday, 4 December 2015

Tata Motors Launches Hatchback Zica


After a long wait and endless rumours, the Desi automobile manufacturer Tata Motors has finally unveiled its trump card – Zica hatchback – to stay afloat in the highly competitive Indian automobile market. In the run up to its launch, the company had announced the international star and footballer Lionel Messi as its brand ambassador and released several teaser images and shots to give the glimpse of the new hatchback. The official launch is going to take place in the first month of 2016.


New Makeover

Through these images and video shots, the die-hard fans of the Tata Motors got a brief view of the new hatchback. With the release of the official pictures, the look and feel of the new Zica has become quite clearer to the fans.  In tune with the changing times, the automobile maker has made certain changes to make the new vehicle stand its own stead in the crowd in this segment. Hence, the Zica is expected to compete well with the likes of Hyundai i10, Maruti Suzuki Celerio, and the Chevrolet Beat in the small car segment after the launch next year.

zica cars

Look and Feel

Just like the other products in this segment such as the Zest and the Bold, Zica has the smiley grille on its front side. Over the period of some years, this feature has become the Tata Motor’s trademark. This grille sports a chrome strip underneath it. This new makeover works well to highlight the front side. Apart from this, it has on either side spearhead-shaped headlights.  The vehicle also has circular fog lamps with chrome surrounds on its comparatively larger bumpers. From sides, the new hatchback has a sharp crease along its shoulder, silver 10-spoke alloy wheels and OVRM-mounded turn indicators. On the hind side, it is nicely sculpted with the alignment of sharp lines on the boot lid with the taillights on either side. Moreover, there is a roof spoiler with blackened edges for further increasing the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle from behind.

tata motors

Important Features

When we look at features under the hood, the Zica comes with two variants of the motor that power the vehicle. They are petrol and diesel variants. In case of the former, the capacity is 1.2 litres, and it comes full throttle with a force of 85PS and a torque of 110 Nm. On the other hand, the diesel variant comes with a capacity of 1.0 litre to cough up a maximum force of 70PS and a torque of 140Nm. Whatever be the engine type, it comes mated with a 5-speed manual transmission system to convey the force to the four wheels of the hatchback. The diesel variant vehicle is expected to be more efficient when compared to that with petrol variant.

zica features

Friday, 19 June 2015

Eicher-Polaris JV Rolls Out Multix MUV


About 3 years back, the reputed car maker Eicher Motors joined hands with US-based Polaris Industries to make a significant impact in the entry level segment of the automobile industry. Since the forming of joint venture (JV), the two companies have teamed up to produce its first product – Multix, which is a personal utility vehicle.  At the time of the launch, the spokespersons of both the companies opined that this maiden product is designed to target small independent businesses in our country. The new vehicle is priced somewhere in the Rs. 2.32 to 2.72 lakh range. This is the ex-showroom price in the national capital region. The company sources claim that this new multi-utility vehicle is designed keeping in mind Indian conditions. The venture hopes target 5.8 crore businessmen in India through this vehicle.


Highlights of Multix

Being a multi-utility vehicle, it can be used as a family vehicle at some points in time and as a goods transporter at some other points in time. Even when it is used as a family vehicle, it has sufficient luggage space to carry the belongings of all the family. Ideally, a family of five can easily fit into the comfortable positions in the vehicle when it goes for a longer drive. Another highlight of the vehicle is the presence of power take-off point. This feature is capable of generating a power of up to 3KW. This generated power can be used for lighting the house or powering equipment like water pumps and drilling machines. The power take-off point charges itself when the vehicle is on the move. The vehicle would be made available in two variant forms. Both these variants are expected to have a fuel efficiency of 28.45 kilometres per litre on diesel. Hence, the venture companies believe that the new vehicle would turn out to be a huge hit with people who are interested in entry level products.

multix features

JV’s Plan for India

If the spokespersons of the JV are to be believed, this model would be made available in 30 cities. At present, the partner companies are concentrating on Tier II cities across the country. The company is planning to have pan-India presence in the next 24 months. The booking for this multi-utility vehicle has already begun. The delivery of the first batch of vehicles is due to start by August 2015. The venture company has already set up a manufacturing facility at Jaipur in Rajasthan. It has a current capacity of 60000 units annually. The work is progressing in its production capacity to 120000 units a year.

jv plan

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Volvo India Unveils Luxury Hatchback V40

On June 17, 2015, the Indian branch of reputed car manufacturer Volvo had launched the all-new version of its luxury hatchback V40. This brand new four wheeler comes with an ex-showroom price of over 27 lakh rupees in New Delhi. The roll out took place in a glittering ceremony in the national capital region. The new vehicle has come out with some advanced features using some of the latest technology and more advanced safety features.

volvo v 40

Launch Event

At the time of rolling out, the Indian representative of the company claimed that this new vehicle would be introduced in two variant forms. They are V40 Kinetic and V40 R-Design. The former has an ex-showroom price tag of 27.45 lakh rupees and the latter has a market value of 27.7 lakh rupees in Delhi. The company’s Managing Director Tom von Bonsdorff claimed that the new model has premium features. It has a superior design concept and better technology to offer a laudable driving experience. The new hatchback has got its safety featured upgraded to give hassle-free driving experience on the wheels.

v 40 kinetic

Advanced Features

Riding on the new feature additions and design overhauling, the Indian branch of Volvo expects this hatchback to provide impetus to the growth of four-wheeler segment in India.  The spokesperson for the Swedish luxury car-maker further told the selected audience assembled at the launch venue that the vehicle has on board several new high-tech gadgets, safety features and reliable support systems. These features are expected to make the car less prone to accidents on the road. The company expects the hatchback to stay ahead of the similar bigger vehicles from other reputed brands in the automobile industry.


advanced features

Current Scenario

The Indian arm of Swedish car-maker Volvo India is currently selling four models in the luxury vehicle segment in the automobile industry. They are S60, Volvo XC90, V40 Cross Country and XC60. Its dealership has spread to all the parts of the country. With the launch of the new model, the company is strategically positioned to milk the needs of people who would like to travel in luxury cars.

swedish car-maker volvo