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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

8 Authors whose Work Kids Must Read


The children books are meant to teach students about the desirable qualities that make them good future citizens of the country. Using small-time characters with comic attire, the writers weave out good stories with some moral meaning. This enables the students to assimilate the values those beautiful works stand for. Hence, the parents need to buy their wards such books to instill the good characters and interest to read books. They should be made to understand that books are the real agents through which the world of knowledge could be conquered.

child books

Best Child Book Authors

When it comes to choosing best books for the children, parents inevitably go towards the books of Enid Blyton and Ronald Dahl. This is mainly due to the superior language and better narration. This much of refinement cannot be expected out of Indian authors. This is mainly due to the stereotyping of Indian authors as people with inferior story-telling features.  However, the standard seems to increase over a period of time. Now-ad-days, the kids can read any book from Indian authors and assimilate the creative abilities that worth emulating. The Indian authors try to relate their stories with the Indian surroundings and culture. The children can easily identify these situations with those seen near their household. Of late, even Indian authors give the children the insight into the concepts that are quite common in the western world. This is mainly due to the universality of the concepts discussed in children’s books. In this article, we would be discussing about eight Indian writers who have entertained the children with their creativities. They have touched upon various topics that range from classics to new and relevant topics. Hence, you need to fill the shelf of your ward with the books from these authors to let them know about our country.

child book authors

  1. Anushka Ravishankar
    anushka ravishankar

  2.  Natasha Sharma
    natasha sharma

  3.  Ruskin Bond
    ruskin bond

  4.  R.K. Narayan
    rk narayan

  5.  Amish Tripathi
    amish tripathi

  6.  Devdutt Pattnaik
    devdutt pattnaik

  7. Uma Krishnaswami
    uma krishnaswami

  8. Poile Sengupta

    polie sengupta