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Saturday, 15 April 2017

10 Reasons Why You Should Always Book a Window Seat on Plane


Nowadays, people travel in the plane to overseas destinations for various purposes. Sometimes the period of travel by air may extend up to a day. If you book a non-window seat, you might feel as well bored. On the other hand, the people who have opted for the window seat would be able to watch the natural wonders happening through the transparent windows. This is why primarily people opt for the window seat for a plane journey. In this article, we would be listing out 10 reasons why you should opt for a window seat while doing the air travel.

airplane interior

1.     You might be able to see Kerala skyline reflected in Lake Vembanadu while traveling over Kollam district of that state in India.

kerala skyline

2.     While sitting on the window seat, you could see an approaching rainstorm from some distance and marvel at the beauty of transformation the system brings to the environment. You can even enjoy small sprays of water cooling the airplane when it passes through the rain-forming clouds.

rain storm

3.     At higher altitudes, the visuals of a solar eclipse are pretty cool as there is no turbulence of atmosphere. Hence, the full duration of the eclipse can easily be seen while traveling at higher altitude.

solar eclipse

4.     While traveling to the African continent, you can see the breathtaking view of the highest point in the continent through the window from the top.

mountain peak

5.     When seated in the window seats of an airplane, you might see the spectacle of sunrise and the change it brings to the atmosphere. The color of rising sun seen through the clouds gives a totally different experience for the passenger.

sun rise

6.     An air traveler sitting on the window seat might be able to see even the sunsets coloring the horizon, courtesy

sun set

7.     While passing by waterfalls, you can see it from the top in all its splendor. This aerial view might take your breath away. The rising drops of water scatter the light and give a milky white color to its top.

water falls

8.     If you pass over the Australia or USA in the night during the summer, you could witness forest fires raging below through the plane window.

forest fire

9.     You can finally understand why everyone thinks Norway is so beautiful with its panoramic aerial view when you are traveling by plane seated on a window seat.

norway skyline

10.   You could ride an endless sea of clouds and at times even pass through them with some jerks. The window seat lets the passenger enjoy the cloud shapes and the horizon.


Thursday, 13 April 2017

US Drops ‘Mother of All Bombs’ in Afghanistan


According to the latest news available in the public domain, the United States (US) forces have dropped what the defense analysts call as ‘Mother of All Bombs’ in Afghanistan. This was disclosed by the sources close to the ground forces operating in this war-torn country. The sources say that the said bomb was used to blast the ISIS tunnels in Nangarhar province in Afghanistan, bordering Pakistan. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer is expected to talk about this development in his upcoming brief. In this blog post, let us see what has prompted the US to drop this bulky bomb in Afghanistan.

gbu 43 bomb

Understanding ‘Mother of All Bombs’

The explosive device used this time in Afghanistan is the largest non-nuclear device in the US Air Force arsenal. This was reported by the reputed news gatherers in the globe, as quoted by the US ground forces operating in Afghanistan.  This precision-guided device was developed in 2003 by US Air Force. It belongs to the GBU-43 class of bomb that uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) to precisely hit the target. This bulky explosive device was code named as MOAB, which stands for Massive Ordnance Air Blast. In the defense quarters, MOAB is fondly called as the ‘Mother of All Bombs’. The total weight of this explosive device is 21,000 pounds. It is for the first time the US Air Force is using this bulky ordnance. According to the defense analysts, this device is a ‘concussive weapon’ that does not penetrate the ground. Instead, MOAB destroys tunnels and a large surface area.

Likely Impact

As told above, this bomb creates a huge shockwave, apart from a huge fireball, over a large surface area. Though the impact seen from above will be minimal at the surface, it completely pulverizes the underground tunnels and bunkers, thereby making them useless in the future. Hence, it is the most optimal arsenal to use against the terror groups. Due to its precision nature, the collateral damage would be minimal, the defense sources privy to this development claimed. The blast impact would cover a radius of 300 meters. The shock impact was felt even in the neighboring Pakistani province as well. This bombing is expected to impede the free movement of terrorists through this tunnel without getting noticed.

afghanistan bombing

Reason for Afghan Bombing

It was dropped in Nangarhar province in this war-torn country, bordering the eastern region of Pakistan.  The attack was launched in an area where the US ground forces had faced small arms firing when they were searching there to flush out the ISIS militants and destroy their targets. As a result of this Saturday firing, one US Green Beret was killed. This Afghan province has been in the limelight for all wrong reasons, as it has become the operational base of terrorist groups like al Qaeda, Haqqani Network and ISIS (Afghan branch). Even the Osama Bin Laden chose this region to hide from the public glare after the infamous 9/11 terror attacks.  

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Hyperloop One - Trivandrum-Bangalore Corridor Among Semi-finalists


Hyperloop One is a futuristic mode of transport that may carry the things and men to different far off destinations at far lesser costs. The experts in this field believe this mode of transport as the fastest mode of transport conceived by the humanity. They claim that it happens immediately, safely,  and efficiently. A company has come forward with a way to generate ideas to make this concept a reality. If it becomes operational, the authorities can transport people and cargo at the speed of an airline at a bus ticket price. In terms of numbers, a Hyperloop One transport system can theoretically cover 1100 kilometers in a matter of 30 minutes. In this blog post, we will look at this mode of transport and the efforts put by the company to generate ideas to make it commercially viable.

hyperloop one

What is Hyperloop One?

It is a futuristic mode of transport to mobilize men and material at the airline speed. The researchers have come out with this type of system theoretically. After learning about the early bird opportunities, a company has jumped on this bandwagon to make it commercially viable. In simple terms, it is a mode of transport of objects between two points immediately, cheaply, efficiently and sustainably. When this mode of transport becomes operational, the passengers and cargo are loaded into pods that can travel at the speed of a Passenger Jet. These pods are actually present in vacuum tubes. After removing air from the tubes, these pods get fired to generate the speed of a jet plane. The fired pods travel through these tubes without any resistance. Hence, this transport system requires lesser energy to transport people and freight. In realistic terms, a person can travel from Mumbai to Delhi in a matter of just 30 minutes. Usually, these pods can easily pick up speeds more than 1000 kilometers per hour in just a few minutes under vacuum conditions.

hyperloop components

Generate Ideas

In pursuit of ideas to make this concept a reality, a company has launched a Global Challenge. This open competition is open to people, companies, universities and government bodies. The organizers asked the participants to make comprehensive proposals to develop a model to use this mode of transport. After going through a huge volume of proposals submitted, the company has released a list of 35 semi-finalist places. Amongst places selected, the US has 11 places, India has 5 places and the UK has 4 places. Fortunately, a place in Kerala appears in the list as part of Trivandrum-Bangalore corridor.  The other places from India that have come on the list include Chennai-Bangalore, Port connector, Mumbai-Delhi, and Mumbai-Chennai. A panel of experts in transportation, economics, technology and innovation will check the remaining proposals and prepare another list as well as part of Global Challenge showcase event at New Delhi on February 28, 2017.                              

semifinalist places

For the benefit of the readers, we have just uploaded the functioning of the Hyperloop transport module that may revolutionize the way objects are transported in the near future.

Friday, 28 October 2016

Strange Tale of a Spooky Mobile Number from Bulgaria


People have many superstitions about the numbers. This is especially true among people in third world countries. For instance, people have aversion for the number 13 as they consider it innocuous. Hence, they may not like to get themselves associated with that number.  This inauspicious number works in the realms of imagination of people as that of haunted and ill luck. Since people are already in midst of problems and hardships, they don’t want to choose this number at any cost. Similarly, a telecom company has suspended a Bulgarian number forever after it discovered a pattern emerging among its owners. The company has discovered that all its owners have died in due course of time. The jinxed number in question is 0888 888 888. In this article, we would be looking at the strange tale of this spooky number that killed its owners.

spooky number

Spooky Number 

It all began with a fascination for this number that looks trendy and appealing. It was first owned by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the issuing telecom company Mobitel. Reportedly, the Mobitel CEO Vladimir Grashnov died of cancer in 2001. According to a report that appeared in Mail Online, Vladimir was rumored to have been ‘radioactively poisoned by his business rivals’. The radioactive poisoning caused cancer in that individual. People initially thought it was just a one-off case. Later, a mafia don Konstantin Dimitrov took up this number. He was also killed in 2003 by an assassin in Netherlands. The mafia don incidentally had gone there to inspect his 500 million-worth drug empire. According to the news report, Russian mafia groups killed the Konstantin over the issue of business jealousy. The report further added that the don had the phone with him when he died. After the death of the second owner, another person by the name Konstantin Dishliev owned this number. This person was also killed in a shootout just outside an Indian restaurant in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia. According to the online site Mail Online that tracked the history of the number, Dishliev was also running a cocaine trafficking operation at the time of his death. This case is still open in the Bulgarian courts.

spooky mobile numbers

What has the Company Done?

After the death of three people who owned this number, the telecom company Mobitel had suspended its re-issuance in 2005. As a result, people who try to call this number always get the same message ‘outside the network coverage’. However, the company has not responded to the pertinent questions on this number. When the Mail Online tried to contact the company, it was not coming clean on the status of this number. The unnamed sources in the company responded by saying “We have no comments to make. We will not discuss individual numbers.”

scary phone numbers

Saturday, 2 July 2016

McDonald's - Perspective Study on Globalization and Adaptation in India

Since the opening of Indian business space for foreign trades as part of landmark reforms in 1991, many multinational companies have come to do their business in the country. One such company has set its shop in the Indian soil is McDonald’s, the multinational Fast Food Giant. The company established itself as the seller of American fast food in 1996. Since its inception in India, it had established 212 outlets in the country by early 2011.  Since more companies joined the fray to get the Indian business space in the fast food industry, McDonald’s had to evolve strategies to woo the Indian customers by understanding the Indian cultural sensibilities and their appetite.

fat food
Tailor-made Products
The company has presence in over 119 countries through as many as 31000 eateries. It was able to resolve a dilemma – bringing global standards or adopting local tastes and preferences. That was the reason why it could have a global presence in a short span of time. For instance, it developed Arabian flat bread in Kuwait City, McLaks for fish-loving customers in Norway and a Rice burger for the food lovers in Hong Kong. This business acumen and developing new items for consumption has endeared the fast food giant with its customers across the globe. Apart from this, the fast food chain has been able to project itself as the most sought after family restaurant in the country. To enhance its appeal as the family restaurant, highly trained staff maintains high cleaning standards in its corridors, kitchen and serving rooms.  Also the serving trays and utensils are cleaned several times in an hour to ensure the high standards of cleanliness.

Products for Indian Condition
In line with this thought, McDonald’s had introduced a new marketing campaign that went viral in 2011. It primarily consisted of TV commercial and in-store promotions.  This campaign was to support the launch of Mac Spicy products to woo the Indian customers. The idea was to add more variety to the company’s menu to suit the Indian customers’ tastes. These menu items were largely taken from its core global menu, but tailored to tingle with the Indian taste buds. In addition to this, the fast food giant had overcome what the analysts termed at that time – ‘snack joint tag’ - in India, by introducing a lunch and dinner menu to sync with the Indian customers.
Pricing Strategy
The multinational companies come with the ages-old concept of adapting to the local conditions.  Indian customers are known for spending thriftiness as many of them hail from the middle class background. In keeping with this customer mentality, McDonald’s has come with the concept of value pricing for its priced Indian customers.  For its Indian customers, mainly the fast food major has come out with Happy Meals, Medium meal combo, Maharaja Meal and Family Dines. These cuisines are offered at very attractive and competitive prices across the country. This comes under the product-line pricing, targeting the middle class customers and families in particular.  For example, you can order a “Two Cheeseburger Value” meal for Rs. 75. It comes with a medium drink and fries. It also provides “Super Size” meal for a higher amount that comes with a large drink and a large bowl of fries. The customer has the option of going for another “Value” meal with other combinations on offer.

fast foods
Place and Distribution
McDonald controls the product price by its unique business model. Of the total business volume, only 15% is controlled by its eateries. The remaining 85% is controlled by a network of franchises in India.  Apart from this, the addition of the franchisee network helps the fast food giant to establish a framework of training and monitoring. This in turn enables them to stick to superior quality in service, and higher degree of cleanliness and value propositions. This franchisee network also adds the scope for experimenting with the locally available cuisine to add to the McDonald's list of offer to the customers. The franchises also ensure the timely delivery of the products ordered by the customers either by phone or by casual visit. Moreover, the children are given special incentives in the form of small toys or figurines when their parents buy the fast food items from the company’s eateries. 

McDonald undertakes steps to reach out to its target customers in the Indian context by means of advertisements, online campaigns and short-time videos on the customer experience and ambience of the restaurant. The online campaigns in the form of videos and brochures are sent to the target customers to get their attention. The TV advertisements and the social media campaigns are also run to educate the food lovers about different options available for them. Throughout the area where the eatery is located, the billboards and posters are displayed to tell the people about the proximity of the McDonald restaurant. Now-a-days, the mobility platform is used to a large extent to reach out to the tech-savvy people through SMS, MMS and other means.


India-specific Business
In the Indian context, the company discovered the local flavours like “Value Meals” and “Combos” to win the heart of the people. Moreover, the cleanliness of the restaurant – both inside and outside – and the children’s section helped it to win over the families. This operation model is adopted to help the fast food major to control the prices of the products offered and, at times, reduce their prices to attract more customers to its fold. The marketing campaigns, both online and offline, have helped the people educated about the range of offers it has to give its customers. This is the reason why India has become a good customer base for the McDonald’s.

marekt share
McDonald has evolved into a true multinational company by adopting the local conditions of different countries. Despite fanning out to various countries, the core products for which the fast food major was famous for is retained and adding more of the local flavour to win over the food-loving people. The American company was able to do this due to the establishment of franchisee networks in different countries and experiment with local flavours.

Friday, 25 December 2015

Saudi Treatment of Indian Employees


Every country treats its immigrant workers with dignity. This has been the case all over the world, excepting some countries in West Asia, especially countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar. This is primarily due to the fact that the national government over there never bothers to honour the deal between the employee and employer. In other countries, the agreement between the employer and the immigrant workers are vetted by the governments and the labour law become applicable to them. Due to this reason, the employers have started treating the immigrant workers as their slaves. This seems to be the reason behind the atrocities on Indian workers going for the work in that West Asian country (Saudi Arabia).

indian workers

No Commitment on Labour Laws

In Saudi Arabia, the citizens get the prominence over everything else. No matter, how much contribution the immigrant workforce makes for taking that country’s economy to greater heights. Due to the presence of the oil fields in its territory, people over there have become very rich and arrogant. They believe that everything else can be bought with this money. A similar mood is echoed in the administration driven in that country. It is very much expected as such people are running the country.  In order to remain in power, the ruling dynasty has never bothered to change the mindset of people in the corridors of power. Hence, the labour laws enacted are very vague. Normally, those laws do not apply to immigrant workers as many pacts they enter into are outside the purview of the law. The government of the day does not bother to reign in those arrogant employers who try to exert their dominance over the hapless employees. As a result, the prospective employers have become arrogant and favour employment contracts that are outside the law of that country.

immigrant workers

Saudi Government Approach

Most of the time, the government of that country takes side with the employers or feign ignorance about the atrocities committed on the immigrant workers who risk their lives to work there to earn an extra penny for their households. At other times, the government authorities cook up stories to implicate the workers who dare to report the crimes on them by their employers. We have seen this getting enacted in the case of a Tamil Nadu woman who worked with an employer. She dared to report the atrocities committed on her to the Saudi government authorities. In retaliation, the angry employer got her hands chopped. However, the government claimed that she jumped from a storied building when her employer tried to catcher when she was smuggling something out of the house. With the government on their sides, the private employers have become quite arrogant and dictate terms while interviewing the prospective employees and force them to sign agreements that are null and void before the law of that land.

saudi bad treatment

Treatment Meted Out to Employees by Saudis

There has been a lot of this kind of information. In order to substantiate the point, we have added a video showing the plight of an employee at the hands of a Saudi engineer. Watch it and decide.

People Need to Exercise Caution

The people who are going to Saudi Arabia should go to that country through the legal channel. The government of India and Indian Consulate are involved in handling the immigration cases. When employment comes through this channel, the work visa is guaranteed for the better treatment at the workplace. When the workers are within the ambit of the law, they are expected to get better treatment and work pay. The plight of the matter is that most people going for work in that country do so through unauthorized means. They fall into the traps laid by the unauthorized agents who have contacts in that country. On reaching that country, they make sure that workers are allotted to those employers who are notoriously low paymasters. Hence, the workers going to that country should approach only those agents who have been empaneled by the External Affairs Ministry of government of India. Even if they have to pay some more extra penny while following the legal route, they are ensuring that decent compensation and better treatment given to them at their workplace.

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Important Highlights of Paris Climate Accord


It seems the largest confluence of nations have finally arrived at a draft agreement after major irritants involving the developing nations have been removed and they have largely started taking earnest efforts at slashing the carbon-based energy fuels since last  year.  Last year, after the damning difference between the developed and developing nations forced them to stay put in their demands during the Copenhagen summit, leading to the falling apart of a probable deal, many scientists had shown through studies that the earliest effects due to the rising temperature have begun to be felt across the globe, mostly in the form of devastating floods in Miami and the unforeseen drought and water shortages in some parts of northern China.

paris accord

Paris Accord

This time around, the deal was met with an eruption of cheers and standing ovation from thousands of delegates from across various parts of the world. The fact of the matter, the accord currently clinched was evasive for several decades in the past due to the major issue on who should be asked to do maximum cuts.  In the past, the developed countries tried to absolve from this responsibility due to the domestic pressures by exempting the developing countries like India and China.  The present form of the accord is hailed by many as the universal agreement on the climate change, as each member country has to contribute to its overall success.

climate accord

  1. Accoutabillity for All: In the current form, every country, big or small, has to take the responsibility of initiating actions to curb the use of fossil fuels.
  2.  Countries to Implement: Each signatory to this landmark deal have some legally binding things to do to ensure the desired level of reduction in fossil fuel use by 2020.  Accordingly, they have to bring in stringent legislation in their dominions to ensure the observance of laws forcing their citizens to reduce the use of fossil fuels and adoption of renewable and carbon-free energy sources such as nuclear, wind, solar and water powers.
  3. Quantum of Change: However, the quantum of change to be affected by each signatory country is very fluid as per the tenets of the new accord. This would largely vary with the scope and ambition of each member country.
  4. Self Accountable: Anyhow, the member countries have to reconvene the Earth Climate Meet every five years, starting from 2020, and discuss their updated plans as the follow-up initiatives to remain in the scrutiny of other member countries.  Through these midterm reports, they are supposed to discuss what they are doing to cut the emissions against their submitted plans.
  5. Accounting System: Other member countries will be legally monitoring and reporting on the emissions level achieved by each member country against the submitted report. This reporting would be done using a yet-to-be-developed Universal Accounting System.
  6.  No Decision on Corpus Fund:There is no redressal on the long-pending demand of the developing countries on setting up of a $100 billion a year corpus for helping them tide over the changes in the climate in the coming years.  However, there is a mention of the same in the preamble of this accord. Hence, it is not legally binding for the participating nations to set up a corpus for the same. In the larger interest of the planet, the least developed countries have not made this an issue this time.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Where to Get Job Applications in the UK?


Where to find the job applications in the UK is a question that comes in the minds of people who have just migrated to that country. Different companies upload their job applications for the benefit of the job aspirants. In addition, they can be obtained from different government agencies such as National Careers Service. This is due to the fact that many employers in that country prefer the job aspirants to fill in their application forms before being called for one-on-one interaction.  Now-a-days, the application forms are even available online for you to fill in from the comfort of home.

employment application

Reason for Single Format Application

People needing to know where to get job applications in the UK should understand that they are furnished by the companies concerned in both online and offline format. Apart from these sources, they can be obtained from government agencies, such as National Careers Service, Jobcentre Plus, etc. These are basically single format applications that give a uniform platform for making a fairer comparison. Hence, these applications are therefore the preferred vehicle for furnishing information to the prospective employers, especially those from the public sector. There are rules or instructions to fill in these application forms. These rules ensure neat and deft presentation of skills to the prospective employer, highlighting the skills acquired by you for better decision making. 

single format application

Availability of Job Application Form

The migrants not knowing where to get job applications in the UK should understand that the single format application is available even in digitized form for download and use in that country. Many of the companies and the government agencies assisting in job search have uploaded them at their respective sites. Otherwise, these application forms can be obtained from these centres or companies on payment of a nominal fee. You need to carefully fill the sought information with ink pen in legible handwriting on these offline forms so that the prospective employers get impressed by your skill sets. There are instructions in place to help you fill in carefully with any element of ambiguity.

job availability

Sunday, 19 July 2015

First Ever Closer View of Pluto Surface From New Horizons


 The close-up images sent by the satellite New Horizons in the vicinity of the dwarf planet show somewhat unexpected terrains on that planet. So far, the scientists have been grappling with the information that is available from the two-dimensional photos. This is because the two-dimensional views may not give the real world that is out there in this little planet orbiting at the verge of our solar system. That is why National and Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA) has brought an amazing, simulated video of the space probe’s fly over the dwarf planet.

NASA’s Animated Video

NASA has on July 18, 2015 released the animated video of the space probe New Horizons’ flypast over the dwarf planet Pluto and it’s the biggest moon Charon.  This animated video props out all those features that hitherto remained hidden in previous two-dimensional pictures sent by other space probes that have gone past Pluto. The present video shows mountain ranges such as Norgay Montes, Tensing Norgay. Incidentally, Norgay Montes is named after one of the first people who reached the summit of Mount Everest. Some of the peaks seen in this video are up to 11,000 feet tall. This looks incredibly high given the fact that the peaks are made of frozen nitrogen and methane that cover most of the Pluto’s surface. The weight of the material that has gone into the making of these peaks would make the surface made of frozen nitrogen and methane under them simply crumble. It is not clear how these geographical structures remain intact on the surface. The video then transports the viewers to the Sputnik Planum, which is a vast plain of craterless surface. This plain indicates that portion of the dwarf planet is considerably young (only 100 million years old). According to the scientists, the plain lies within the Tombaugh Regio region, which is named after the discoverer of the planet. This region is also called as the Pluto’s heart.

Friday, 17 July 2015

Another Pakistani Lie Exposed


On July 18, 2015, India claimed that the alleged downing of drone in the Pakistan territory was a hoax. On this development, India has said that the drone captured by the Pakistani Rangers was not of Indian make. From the picture provided by the Inter Services Intelligence of Pakistan Army, it seems to be of Chinese make, which is available over the counter in many reputed retailer shops across the world. In this connection, the Pakistan had summoned the Indian envoy in Islamabad to register its protest officially on the air space violations.

False Accusation by Pakistan

On July 13, 2015, Pakistan made a sensational claim that an Indian drone was shot down on the Pakistani side of the Line of Control (LOC) in Bhimber region of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK). From the picture provided by the Pakistani side, it is clear that the drone has a high performance camera for aerial photography on board. In a tit for tat reply, the Indian side has claimed that the drone shown in the picture looks like the Chinese-made DJI Phantom3. This reply was given by Indian Foreign Secretary S. Jaishanker. He further claimed that the Chinese model does not have any sophisticated tools for aerial surveillance. It is known world over that Indian military uses Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) for high altitude reconnaissance such as indigenously made Nethra drones. These drones are made by Defence Research and Development Organization labs in India.

Video Evidence

The viewers can see for themselves the video grab of this development to nail the lie put forward by the hostile ruling establishment in Pakistan. Let us watch the video before taking any side on this matter. This video was released by noted Television News Channel NDTV.

Pakistani Advertisement Urging People to Light Someone's House on Eid


In the run up to the impending Eid festival, a Pakistani soft drink company has come out with a commercial that celebrates the universal brotherhood and the importance of bonding between the communities. It also highlights the importance of serving food to the needy and less fortunate people, in accordance with the tenets of Islam principles.

pakistani commercial

About the Advertisement

This advertisement features popular Pakistani starlets mixing with people to impart the message of recycling. The starlets are seen setting examples by collecting the used bottles from the party venues or having the Eid feast at home far away from media glare.The video has the melodious touch of Noor-e-Azal, Noor-e-Kuda song providing soft touch. This song is sung by noted Pakistani singer Abida Praveen. Another positive side is the clear video description of how the recycling of the plastic is done. Let us watch it and imbibe the spirit.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

How Global Warming has Brought Down the Intensity of Rainfall?


There has been a steady decrease in the amount of monsoon precipitation in the Indian subcontinent over a decade. The experts say it is due to the phenomenon of global warming. The air circulation takes place only when there is enough temperature gradient between the ocean waters and the landmass.  Due to the global warming, this temperature gradient in the region is steadily decreasing. This has lead to the retention of less water in clouds that form the monsoon system.  The authorities claim that the decrease in gradient has slowed the advancement of the monsoon system in the equatorial region. Unless and until the efforts are taken to reduce the global emission of the heat-retaining gases to the atmosphere, the region is progressively going into the age of the erratic monsoon season.
monsoon season

Impact of Global Warming

Due to the retention of greenhouse gases, the amount of heat radiating back to the outer space from the earth’s surface has significantly reduced. In normal case, the naturally present gases do not interfere in this process. Due to the steady increase in the emission of greenhouse gases due to the burning of fossil fuels and burning of the forests, the amount getting radiated to the outer space is getting lower. In other words, most of the reflected heat is retained in the atmosphere by these greenhouse gases. As a result, there is a significant reduction in the temperature gradient across the sea-land interface. The gradually dwindling temperature difference is also making small local air turbulence over the sea or ocean. These atmospheric turbulence hinder the free movement of the monsoon system over the seas. They also interfere with the amount of water vapour released from the sea. This is the reason the monsoon clouds are progressively getting drier with the passage of time
monsoon system

Dust Storm Formation

The region near India and Pakistan has seen a lot of deforestation over the period of two decades. As a result, the winds from the west that gets generated due to the prevailing air turbulence in the region pick up the dust en route. These dust storms are not good for the respiratory organs. These have tiny particles of dust that can go easily into the air passage and trigger allergic reactions in the lungs. That is the reason one can see an increase in the incidence of seasonal asthma in areas where the dust storms occur as a prelude to the arrival of monsoon season. These dust storms regularly hit many northern states and central states just before the arrival of rainy season. These dust storms also block the free movement of monsoon clouds and even drain the amount of moisture contained in them. These interactions between the dust clouds and the monsoon system make the prediction of rain in a region highly difficult.  The monsoon cloud system is a huge cloud mass that spans many square kilometres. These dust storms only block the movement for some time till the time it weakens out. Yet, they can spoil the free precipitation of cloud masses at the intended areas. This phenomenon can be reversed with the reforestation of the lands in the area through which the monsoon clouds move.

dust storm