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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

10 Acts of Body Language to Avoid


For a trained eye, the body language speaks volumes about the mental transactions happening in a person. All the physical gestures we make during our interactions with others are subconsciously interpreted by the people. This can become boon or bane depending upon the kind of gestures we make during our interactions with others. For instance, defensive postures during an interview may show our under-confidence to the interviewing panel. Some other gestures exude the confidence we feel at the time of interaction. In this article, we would be listing out 10 body languages that we should avoid to impress upon the people we meet or come across in our lives.


Body Languages

In reality, most people do not know anything about their own body language. They just take things for granted and come to their own conclusions about things that happen around them. Hence, the task of disciplining their body to make right gestures is a quite daunting task for them.  Most of the body languages that we make are reflexive. The truth of the matter is that they automatically say what our minds are thinking in any given movement. However, with some effort, we can condition our reflexes in such a way that we can sound confident before others even if we are little under confident. Of course, we should know the right kind of practices so that we can avoid making negative body languages before others. Making such avoidable negative body languages will make the people look down upon us.

body language

  1.   Holding objects in front of our body: This would make the people believe that we are trying to hide behind something.

  2. object in hand

  3. Checking the time of introspection of our fingernails: While looking at the fingernails, we are making others believe that we are not interested in the talks.

  4. finger looking

  5. Picking lint off of our clothes: This shows that we are nervous about the topic being discussed.

  6. linting cloths

  7. Stroking our chin while looking at someone: This creates a bad impression about us.

  8. chin stroking

  9. Narrowing our eyes: This also shows that we are either not interested in the topics or have the disagreement in many of them.

  10. narrow eyes

  11. Looking down before others: This shows that we are either under-confident or hiding something.

  12. looking down

  13. Touching your face during a conversation: This shows that we are nervous about something or somebody.

  14. face touching

  15. Faking a smile: We should sound straight in our behavior. Fake smiles give the impression that we cannot be trusted.

  16. fake smile

  17. Leaning away from someone we like: This act shows the disrespect to the people whom we like or adore.

  18. leaning away

  19. Resting hands behind the head or on hips: This shows the authoritarian attitude of the people. In reality, we might be meek and straightforward. Hence, never give such a posture to the people.

  20. head resting

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Bakshi's – A saga of Exquisite Crafts


India is known for a long tradition of artistic excellence, and it has been noted as a land that acknowledges the greatness of art, craft and other forms of creativity. This is evident in every corner of the country where we can see every product made by hand or machine that stand testimony to the craftsmanship and expertise of the artisan. The most common products that people look for buying include garments, jewelry, antiques, the shawls, the blankets or the carpets. These products are known for their multifariousness in designs, utilitarian nature, and high value. Hence, they are high in demand across the world. At Bakshi’s, every effort has been made to keep these high traditions alive.  Hence, it showcases a Saga of Exquisite Crafts that is made in the eastern part of India and exports them to various parts of the world.

kashmir feran

Business Growth

It is not metaphorical to state that Mohammed’s elder son Ajar Bakshi has spent his youthful energy to take the business to new milestones of growth. While talking to the Editor of Explorers Travelogue, he became vocal about the transition his family business has gone through. Reminiscing about the humble beginning, he told that the family business was set up as street shops at important business hubs in the state of Kashmir. Looking at the popularity of the products, most prominent hoteliers such as Taj, Hilton, Radisson, etc. have decided to harbor this business outlet in their premises in major cities. Apart from these, the brand has been successful in establishing outlets in other cities like New Delhi, Trivandrum, Mumbai, Kumarakom, and Kashmir.

bakshi's business growth

Important Products

The most selling cakes from this business are Pashmina Shawls and carpets. The other well-known products of this business are handicrafts, antiques, semi-precious and precious statues, jewelry, etc. The shawls and carpets come with handmade designs as well. Currently, Bakshi’s is the only manufacturer of Pashmina Shawls in Kashmir Valley. All the carpets, shawls and other cloth items have incorporated organic dying technology to design colorful patterns.

  1. Pashmina Shawls: The name of the shawl comes from the Persian word Pashmina. The literal meaning of the word is “made from wool”. It translates to “Soft Gold”. The raw material for this kind of shawl comes from three breeds of Pashmina goat – Changthangi or Kashmir Pashmina goat, the Chegg and Chyangara or Nepalese Pashmina goat. These shawls are hand spun and woven in Kashmir. Made from cashmere fiber, Pashmina shawls are very soft and warm to wear, especially during winter seasons. The export of these shawls is done in a risk-free manner as it gets custom clearance easily. The parcel service providers such as FedEx and UPS (United Parcel Services) collaborate with Bakshi’s to offer glitch-free and tension-free services to overseas customers.

  2. pashmira shawl

  3. Carpets: We make a one-time investment in buying most exquisite carpet to give appeal and ambiance to our drawing rooms. Kashmiri carpets are most sought-after in this category.  They are usually hand-knotted, not tufted. The artisans work extensively on the instructions made out to them to make nicely designed carpets. The weft threads are usually passed through the trim or design and color specifications before being looped together. The design patterns usually follow Persian or distinct local variations. The yarn used for the carpets may have silk, wool or silk, and woolen base. Depending on the base, the cost may also increase proportionately.

  4. bakshi's carpets

  5. Garments: Human being wears dress, garments or other forms of attire on the body to protect it from the vagaries of nature. As the human civilization evolved over time, it began wearing clothes for social and functional reasons. Usually, garments are made from original silk, wool, and leather materials. People can purchase them based on their needs. The garments manufactured at Bakshi's follow a unique weaving tradition that combines innovation and unique excellence of human craft. At Bakshi's, one can see the finest blends of fabrics with other exotic fibers like alpaca, silk, guanaco, etc.

  6. kashmir garments

  7. Jewelry: Indian jewelry has drawn inspiration from various walks of life. Following the cue from across the globe, Indian jewelry has evolved and varied over a period of time from a form of currency to everyday fashion accessory. Hence, the exquisite designs bearing the mark of artistic expressions started coming in the worlds of yellow metal and gemstone. As the demands increased and customer taste changed, the branded jewelry started carving its niche in the jewelry market. At Bakshi's, all ranges of jewelry items bearing the Kashmiri and Indian traditions are available for sale.

  8. kashmir jewelry

  9. Stones and Statues: The Bakshi's showcases most precious stones that evoke life in them. Artisans working at the shop deftly etch out the hidden forms inside them. While looking at the pieces of art, one cannot help seeing the hidden emotions coming out of them. The stones for this exquisite jewelry are hand-picked from quarries and mines across the globe. Apart from their aesthetic appeal, these fine works of art also have therapeutic and astronomical properties. The visitors to Bakshi's can take home these beautiful items and rejuvenate their lives.

    bakshi's statues

Monday, 27 July 2015

5 Lessons that Life Teaches a Couple After Marriage


In a society where we see a lot of successful marriage, there are aberrations that invariably lead to unhappy separations as well. Many of the couples walk a lot of journey together and become party to every stage that comes into their lives. Together they would have produced children, moved from rented to own houses, helped the relatives pass through difficult times or even passed through the lean times together with or without getting the help from friends and relatives. Then there would have times one supported the other when he or she changed jobs for better pastures. Thus, they would have come across many testing times when they sailed together safely. In case of failed marriages, there would have been times one partner tried to hook wink the other in the bad times, forcing other to move away, snapping the sacred institution of the marriage.   Hence, one needs to know the basic lessons the institution of marriage teaches him or her.

married couple

  • Dealing with Expectations: During the initial part of the marriage life, the woman would have lots of expectations from her spouse and vice versa. During these times, the married couple would seem to live by the unwritten and unheard of contract. Each one would do the same extent of job as the other. At certain times, one partner would have fallen short of the expectations, forcing the other to walk the extra mile. That is when the true meaning of relation is measured in an institution of marriage.
  • marriage expectations

  • Standing by Partner During Testing Times: The life becomes as romantic as those of the newly married couples when the situations are congenial and everything was falling into place. The real test comes when there are testing times like when one partner loses his close relatives or suffers a financial setback. During those times, the partner undergoing the mental trauma expects the other to give moral and physical support, rather than quarreling on the petty things like ego clashes or one-upmanship.
  • relationship stability

  • Comparison Kills Relationships: Each person is part and parcel of his immediate surroundings. The way each approaches various matters would be different. Hence, it is not good to make a blind comparison about the friends and other relatives as it kills whatever joy and warmth in the relation. The performance as perceived by others is what can be seen from outside. There could be more in it than what meets the eyes. That is making such comparisons in life sulks the marriage relations.

  • comparisons

  • Quarrel Management: Since the marriage is a kind of adjustment, the quarrels are bound to remain in it. Each time the quarrel tries to spin out of control, one of the partners should give it up, forcing the other to keep quiet and brood over its reason. Later, when the partner cools down, he or she can be reasoned to toe the line the other has chosen. This comes into picture when the relatives come into the picture. When the parties are quarreling, giving support to one, leaving the other, would flare up the situation. Hence, the immediate response is to desist from quarreling. Approaching this way is seen to save marriages in various situations, though some people would tend to disagree with that.

  • quarrel management

  • Mutual Give and Take: The major premise of the institution of marriage is two-way help. It would be more appreciated if one partner gives more away for the other when the latter is passing through some lean patches in his or her life. The real love is counted there. In other situations, they can seek and give assistance to the other so that major situations in their lives can be handled together successfully.
give and take

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Junior Doctor Edmond Fernandes Urges Medicos to Shed White Coat with Long Sleeves


In a recent study on the plight of condition of hospitals, a junior doctor from Mangaluru Edmond Fernandes has advised the Indian doctors to stop wearing white coats. Through a volume of data, he has proved beyond doubt that unwashed overcoats harbour potential pathogens in them. The details of this study are published in the British Medical Journal. This was disclosed by the doctor who is the author of the study to a news agency by the name ANJ. According to him, the doing away with this tradition would bring down the extent of the spreading of infection in the hospital.

edmond fernandes

Landmark Finding

Edmond Fernandes is currently pursuing his postgraduate course in his chosen medical specialty at the Yenepoya Medical College. Over the period of the study, he has found that long sleeved white overcoats used by the medicos in our country spread infection. He suggests that the avoidable harm to the patients at the hospitals could be avoided by doing away these polluting overcoats. Though the white overcoats are used by the senior and junior doctors since the dawn of the 19th century, no work was done to ascertain its harmful effects due to the lack of cleanliness. This is the first authentic work on the harmful effect of these coats that some scholars have forecast some years ago. In order to help his cause, the young medico has come out with scientific proof. The coats the doctors use are left in the open on the chairs, consultation desks, etc. These are the areas where the floating pathogens in the air come and sit on the overcoats that are not washed for weeks altogether. This is mainly due to the space constraints most hospitals have in our country.

pathogens overcoats

Reasons for Dirty White Overcoats

The main reason for the dirtiness of overcoats worn by the physicians in our country is their periodical washing. The careless manner in which these overcoats were thrown around by the junior doctors also adds to the woes of the patients. The junior doctors don’t have the courtesy to remove the overcoats when they step out of the premises of the hospital. They use the white coats as a status symbol and visit the nearby malls and other places. This exposes the full sleeved overcoats to all kinds of pathogens that keep floating around in public places. The other reason why the wearing of white overcoats should be dispensed in India is the tropical hot climate. This is the reason why the government of the United Kingdom had come out with a legislation banning the use of overcoats with long sleeves when they are in hospital premises in 2007. Even the American Medical Association has decided to follow suit and dump the white coat with long sleeves. However, it did not carry through as the member physicians did not want to part with them citing the tradition.

no cleanliness

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

How Insecurity of Old Age Sets in?


It is a universal truth that people tend to grow older and their hair turns grey. When they reach the fag end of their lives, they feel as if they are left out by the generation that came after them. The immediate thing that comes to their mind is the posing of problem due to the fading health in their daily lives.  This awareness generates the sense of insecurity in their minds, forcing them to react illogically and spontaneously to different situations. With the small scolding from the near and dear ones, they get hurt and tend to go into a shell, making them non-responsive and insensitive to the situations of people around them. People who are not known to the elders consider this as a prick to their ego and react in kind.

Why Insecurity Feeling Comes?

When the elderly people were young, they used to do things on their own, without seeking help from others. They used to earn money and support their family like any other person in the society. This routine gave them satisfaction and authority on the matters pertaining to their family members and friends. The feeling of independence and self-reliance drove their life forward. Moreover, their main driving forces were their children for whom they invest whatever money they had earned in their professional lives. The moment they get into health problems they fear that the kind of autonomy and the respect they used to enjoy with friends and relatives may fade away, forcing them to live the way their siblings live. In younger days, they had the upper hand and they used to set the terms in the house. The children were forced to adjust to their ways. When the children become young adults, they began to think independently and took their own course of action, which at times were at variance with what their parents thought fit. This change of perception and the outlook forced the elders to register protest when their children did differently. At times, it would have had minimum impact in the family. At other times, it would precipitate into crisis in the family.  This growing difference in perception alienates the elders from younger ones. Slowly, they lose their prominence in the house, leading them to feel that they are not wanted in the family anymore. The elders also have become accustomed to their way of thinking, which is intransigent in nature. Hence, they cannot be made to change to a large extent.

Dealing with Elders

The elders should not be allowed to get the feeling that they are no longer required in the family. They should be given the breathing space so that they get the feeling of being part of the family. They should be allowed to take part in discussions and give suggestions banking on their immense experience. When they persist with something, they should be dealt with in such a manner that their egos are not hurt. In short, they should be handled diplomatically so that they remain unhurt.  They should be given the feeling that they are not alone in their twilight years. This would provide much needed moral and emotional support for them to sustain longer.

Can the Incidence of Cancer be Reduced with Change of Lifestyle?


People say cancer can be cured if detected earlier. In the later stage, the cancer cells from the source become mobile and move into other places in the body through the blood stream. This stage is called metastasis. When it happens, other regions in the body also get equally affected, sealing the way for complete recovery of the systems in it. The physicians would not be able to find the source of the disease as it is spread to more than one place. In such cases, the complete cure is not just possible, with the person succumbing to the secondary infections very easily. The fact of the matter is that the cancer does not kill the hosts on its own. The secondary infections do kill the patients in most cases. The opportunistic infections such as pneumonia and tuberculosis take the toll on the patients’ life.

cancer treatment

Factors Precipitating Cancer in People

Given the gloomy scenario, what can we think of altogether avoiding the incidence of the disease? Do you know many of the types of cancer that occur in human beings happen to a number of factors? The primary reason for its occurrence is the change in lifestyle and food habits. More youngsters are drawn to alcohol and smoking as they consider them as the status symbols. Due to the sedentary lifestyle at the workplace and home, people tend to become more obese. Despite the change of lifestyle, people still eat a lot of junk and fried foods. Due to these adverse changes in the lifestyle, the cancers affecting the liver, womb, mouth and skin have arisen.

cancer causes

Methods to Beat Cancer

There is a silver lining in otherwise darker cloud. If the people are able to make small changes in their lifestyles and eating habits, the cancerous effects accumulating in the body slowly get reversed. Moreover, people need to take their mind to the benefits of exercises. If the workouts are not planned, people should go for brisk walking or swimming to burn off extra calories stored in our body in the form of fats and fatty acids. In this blog, we would be looking at the methods to beat the cancer.

  •   Have Beer: It is better to have small doses of bear to kill Helicobacter pylori that sometimes causes ulcer in the stomach, which may turn into stomach cancer if untreated. If these beverages are served more than what is required, it would lead to mouth, stomach and liver cancers.

    drink beer

  •  Keep Moving: In order to lessen the chances of getting cancer, we need to sit less and keep moving more.  The risk of getting cancer in the womb, lungs and bowel increase as much as 10% in people who walk less and sit more during the course of the day for years.

    keep moving

  • Should Not Over Fry Food: When the food items are over fried, the constituents present in them get either charred to form carbonaceous particles or get changed to carcinogens. It is better to directly fry the food items in low flame for a lesser period of time to avoid the release of carcinogens.

    avoid fired food

  • Do Not Freeze Fruits: When fruits are preserved in cold temperature, many cancer-fighting constituents in them become non-reactive biologically. Moreover, the amount of biological activity in frozen food is comparatively lesser than those seen in food kept at room temperature.

    frzen fruit
  •  Don’t Microwave Cook: It is better to avoid cooking using microwave device as it is thought to retain the electromagnetic radiation for a longer period of time. Hence, it is better to steam cook them for our safety before eating them. Moreover, the microwaves destroy Vitamin C and the flavinoids present in broccoli.

    avoid microwave cook