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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Can Insulin Therapy Best Combat Against Diabetes Mellitus?


According to recent studies, seasoned diabetics need to go to full-fledged insulin therapy soon or later. Ideally, they are expected to move to insulin therapy about 6-10 years from the date of diagnosis. This is especially true for the type 2 diabetes. When the consulting diabetologists say that their patients need to shift to insulin for the efficient diabetes management, most of them think that it is the end of the road their lives.  This is because the insulin therapy is fraught with its own challenges. The wrong dose might push a person into a coma due to the lack of availability of glucose. Despite this risk, physicians always advise the patients to strictly follow the insulin therapy to get rid of the side effects associated with the medicines that insulin.

insulin receptors

Why Patients Fear Insulin Therapy?

There are many causes to turn away from insulin therapy. For some people, the pain of injection is the major cause of worry.  For the majority of others, the intermittent episode of hypoglycaemia that may arise out of an overdose of insulin in the body is the source of worry. Another group thinks that the shifting to insulin therapy as the growing sign of the body intolerance to treatment. They believe that the insulin therapy is advised only in the late stage of disease.  On shifting to the insulin therapy, there should be a better coordination of doctor and patient on a regular basis.  This again causes a fear in the minds of people who suffer from this systemic disease.

insulin therapy

Insulin Therapy

According to physicians, the reliance on insulin therapy can bring more benefits than the conventional use of medicines that replace insulin in the body. They say that the conventional medicines are basically organic compounds that are quite difficult to get digested in the body, leading to the formation of bye products that interfere with other biological processes. They say people on alternative medication would have to shift to the insulin therapy soon or later to lead a near normal life. The only catch is that the patients need to constantly interact with doctor to adjust the dose that needs to be given for efficient diabetes management. The patients should not go for self adjustment of doses to avoid unwanted hiccups with glucose level in blood. Apart from this medical intervention, the patients need to eat moderately at regular intervals to maintain glucose level at optimal value. Overdoses can lead to life-threatening complications due to a condition called hypoglycaemia. At any cost, the glucose level should not go below 35 mg/dl in blood.

insulin initiation

Type 2 Diabetes

It is a progressive, chronic systemic disease characterized by the worsening control over the level of glucose in blood due to insufficient or no production of insulin. This condition can arise also when there is an insufficient number of insulin receptor on the cells in the body. The experts say that more than 50% of beta cell production of insulin would have lost by the time the diabetes was diagnosed. With the passage of every year, about 4% reduction in the beta cell can be expected in type 2 diabetes patients. That is the reason why the treatment methodology also varies with time. Proper drug or insulin administration and suitable lifestyle changes help the patients lead near normal life in the remaining years of their lives.

type 2 diabetes

Monday, 27 July 2015

Green Tea Ingredient may Help Kill Oral Cancer Cells


A recent study could pave the way for a new and novel treatment for oral cancer and other neo-plastic disorders that afflict the mankind. This was disclosed by a group of food scientists from Pennsylvania State University. They have found out that green tea content may activate a natural procedure that kills oral cancer cells. This procedure is so specific that it leaves other normal cells intact.

green tea

Green Tea Ingredient

In the past, many studies were conducted on the green tea properties that make the beverage so popular among the health-conscious people across the world. Such studies revealed that a compound known as epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) is found in the green tea. This active ingredient was found to carry a property to destroy oral cancer cells, leaving alone the healthy oral cells. The new study worked along the same path to find the underlying process that causes the death of cancer cells selectively.  After a period of research, they were able to find the process that causes cell death.

epigallocatechin-3-gallate EGCG

Mechanism of Action

EGCG seems to damage the mitochondria of the cancer cells by some unknown action.  This mitochondrial damage in turn sets up a vicious cycle causing more damage to the cell interiors, affecting other organelles in it. This triggers the cell to undergo programmed cell death. This mechanism of action was described by Joshua Lambert who is an associate professor of food science and co-director of Penn State’s Centre for Plant and Mushroom Foods for Health. The researchers have been able to peek into the causative agents for the damage. From whatever technical data they could lay hands on, they speculate that the said compound EGCG might be generating oxygen free radicals in cancer cells, which in turn damages the lipid bi-layers of mitochondria. When the lipid undergoes change, it generates more reactive oxygen species, giving more fodder for the intra-cellular damage. With this continual mitochondrial death, the cancer cell also decreases the expression of anti-oxidant genes, thus lowering its defences.

action mechanism

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Healthcare Costs are Getting Dearer


With the opening of the healthcare to the private sector, the costs of treatment for various ailments have been increasing steadily. There is no respite in sight. The private hospitals try to monetize the belief of the patients in doctors to the hilt. This has been a growing trend, leading aside the health repercussions. Moreover, the common man does not have time to look at what is ailing in the sector. Unless something happens that start affecting his daily life, he is bound to keep quiet. Understanding the risks involved, the hospital authorities never let the patients have a look at the treatment history, fearing a backlash from them in the event of something going wrong.

hospital treatment

Costly Treatments for Patients

Everything in the medical industry is commercialized. Be it the generic medicine or the room stays during the treatment at the hospital, everything is on the higher side, pushing the common man to the brink of nervous breakdown. If the treatment involves a disease of a serious nature, the costs for treatment, stay at hospital and diagnostic procedure prove prohibitively high. This is the reason why the patients are now being seen as two classes of people. One that can take up any cost and the other belongs to the lower or middle class of people. The former gets better attention and the best of treatment and the latter gets a treatment that is within his budget range. In the private sector, the highly specialized doctors have only time to see the affluent class of patients, leaving the rest of the patients to their juniors. When the experience of the doctor counts in treatment, people from the middle or lower middle class are devoid of the kind of treatment they expect due to the lack of adequate cash. This differentiation has become a norm in the present day world. Anyhow, the patients have to see the doctors to get proper treatment at some cost. This does come in between the doctors and the patients.

costly treatment

Unscrupulous Tests and Medicines

In the name of the treatment, the patients are made to undergo a battery of tests and the charges of those tests are levied on them. The fact of the matter is that many of these tests are not required. Since the hospital authorities have purchased the equipments, they want to make full use of that at the patients’ cost. Similar is the case of medicines dispensed across the counter at our pharmacies. One brand of medicine might have a different formulation and dosage when compared to those available in the market. Yet, only type is dispensed to all types of people because the doctors have got compensations from the pharmaceutical companies.

unscrupulous test