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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Second Ubuntu Smartphone Rolled Out


Noted mobile company Canonical has rolled out its second Ubuntu-based Smartphone this year after teaming up with Spain-based BQ. The two companies came out with the first Ubuntu-based mobile in February this year.  In the latest version, the company has used Aquaris E5 HD edition of Ubuntu operating system. The new model is expected to hit the hit the shelves in the Europen market by the middle of June this year (2015). The company claims that its new Ubuntu edition will come with several improvements when compared to its predecessor version the Aquaris E4.5.

ubantu smartphone

Features of Aquarius E5 HD Ubuntu Edition

Aquaris E5 HD Smartphone is powered by quad-core MediaTek 1.3GHz processor. The device also comes with a 1GB RAM and a 16GB internal storage memory. In the elder sibling, the built-in memory was only just 8GB. It is basically a dual-SIM model that features a 5-inch HD display. Its predecessor version sported only 4.5-inch qHD display. The mobile also has onboard a 13-megapixel rear and 5-megapixel front cameras.  Other features remain the same when compared to its predecessor. The power backup of the device is given by a 2500mAh battery that boasts of providing an uninterrupted talk time lasting at least one day.

aquarius e5 hd

Aggressive Pricing

Canonical reveals that its E5 HD model would go for sales in Europe only through the online store of its partner BQ.  The mobile would be priced at EUR 199.90 or about 12770 rupees. In the month of February, the authorities had rolled out its predecessor model 4.5 HD model with the price tag of EUR 169.90 or roughly 12000 rupees. The company has pitched with this price tag so that it could take head on its senior competitor in the market Motorola. The senior competitor has priced its Moto E model based on Android OS at the comparable price range. Canonical claims that its Ubuntu OS is layered on top with Scope UI. The company believes that device’s user interface would make it stand out in the market that is dominated by Android phones. For instance, the company has noted the UI’s ability to provide a unified view of the contents in a chosen category.

Other Ubuntu-based Phones in Market

Canonical is reportedly pitted against another company that makes Ubuntu OS-based mobile devices.  It is a Chinese company by the name Meizu. This China-based company is reportedly coming out with its Miezu MX4 Ubuntu Edition in the European Union in the same period. This competitor model is said to be priced at EUR 299.99 or 19150 rupees only.  So, let us wait to see how things unfold before us.

ubantu phones